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True Education Partnerships are supporting education institutions with their Turing Scheme funding and visa applications, international trip itinerary and planning, and new school partnerships. Enquire today to find out more!

Creating a world of opportunities

Pioneering a bold and visionary approach to immersive learning, True Education Partnerships (TEP) has been delivering transformational education experiences since 2011.

We are experts in arranging student trips to partner schools and can assist you with organising a life-changing immersive cultural trip by overseeing all of the individual elements involved:

  • Support with funding application
  • Trip organisation and logistical support
  • Itinerary preparation and bookings
  • School hosting/project support
  • Visa documentation preparation and application


  • Finding and setting up a school partnership
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True Education Partnerships have brought learning to life through our work with our sister schools.

Philip Hedger, CEO of Leo Academy Trust

Turing Scheme

£110 million funding for the academic year of 2022-23.

About Turing Scheme

The Turing Scheme is a student exchange programme launched to replace the Erasmus+ programme, which the UK is no longer participating in having left the EU.

The programme is designed to give young people the opportunity to benefit from working, studying abroad and life-changing opportunities, whilst boosting the country’s ties with international partners in the process.

The delivery partner is a consortium of the British Council and Ecorys UK.

True Education Partnerships

Experts in immersive learning experiences

True Education Partnerships are the most trusted provider of educational school trips and student exchanges, and are best known for the popular Sister School Partnerships programme.

The government-backed Sister School Partnerships programme has been running for more than eight years to create lasting partnerships between schools in the UK and China.

We specialise in China but can support trips to most areas of the world.

With our expertise, we have successfully supported six sister schools with their Turing Scheme funding applications in 2021, granted a total of £370,000+ in funding. Ultimately, our vision is to support schools by providing life-changing immersive experiences for pupils, enhancing their cultural capital and creating Global Citizens equipped with skills to make an impact on their future.

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What's included?

How we can support you

Itinerary planning, support and bookings are the cost of living allowance aspect of the funding, covered in the organisational support aspect of the funding provided.

Travel costs of the funding cover the flights which are booked directly with a recommended partner.

Become a Global School Alliance verified School Member with access to the online platform and partnership projects.

Opportunity to attain a ‘Gold Status’ Global School Award.

Ongoing support and communications.

*Costs not covered by Turing include Visa applications and insurance, however, disadvantaged students can apply for an exceptional cost of additional funding.

If you don’t already have a partnership, we can source and establish a new sister school.

Funding Applications

Itinerary & Bookings

New Sister Schools

Teacher Development

With our support, your teachers can access development opportunities that promote global collaboration and learning. Our online platform, courses and insightful webinars empower educators at every stage of their career.

Student Transformation

To support your Turing Scheme trip, your school can strengthen its cultural capital and international links by establishing a Sister School Partnership to connect students globally and create cultural awareness, unlike any other.

School Improvement

Developing your school curriculum and values to address the international dimension, multicultural and diversity and SMSC are vital aspects of school improvement. All Turing Schools will be granted a ‘Gold Status’ Global School Award to recognise their commitment.

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“This is one of the most exciting things I have been involved in since entering the teaching profession."

Mrs Cath Green, Principal of Ellesmere Port C of E Collegeon Sister School Partnerships Programme

Our partnership with True Education has allowed us to run our own Mandarin Language for our Year 5 students. I have seen our children's enthusiasm and confidence flourish as they learn a new, unfamiliar language.

Sophie Gunner, Principal of Cheam Common Junior Academyon Sister School Partnerships Programme

Our Sister School Programme has given me the chance to practice my Mandarin with children from China. I love our weekly lessons with our friends from Brookfield Primary; we are all working hard to get even better at speaking Mandarin. Having a Sister School in China has also inspired us to enjoy a year of special activities at school. I love learning all about China.

Jayden, Y5 Pupilon Sister School Partnerships Programme