Hundreds of UK students participated in a week of online immersion delivered by TEP to explore Chinese culture.

Last week over 380 students from Birklands Primary School, De Lisle College, Ellen Wilkinson Primary School, Richard Alibon Primary School, St. Oswald’s CE Primary School, Raeburn Primary School and Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys were immersed into China’s rich and exciting culture to discover the history of Chengdu.

Through the power of Zoom, our learners explored the history of Chengdu, visited the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding,  explored local museums, learned about Chinese food and festivals, practised additional rubbing paintings, calligraphy and Chinese martial arts, and visited their Chinese peers – all whilst learning and practising their Mandarin language skills.

To celebrate the virtual exchange, the Chinese students welcomed their visitors with a spectacular welcome ceremony, followed by an introduction to their school and an interactive Q&A session. Each school was partnered with a local school in China, with some even able to connect with their sister school.

This unique opportunity to interact with peers in China was a particular highlight for all of the teachers and students involved. This gave students in the UK the opportunity to practice their language with native speakers, and learn about how daily life as a student in China compares to their own.

To support the week of immersion and prolong the results of engagement, each school was provided with teacher handbooks, student workbooks and materials to combine online and offline learning. Each day our host invited students to present their findings and work to their peers located around the country.

Some of the schools involved already prioritise Mandarin language on the curriculum.

Mrs. Aird, Teacher of Mandarin at De Lisle College, hopes that the experience will further enthuse her students in their study of Mandarin.

De Lisle College’s week of immersion: https://www.delisle.org.uk/214/in-the-news/post/197/y8-mandarin-excellence-programme-immersion-week

Places are now available for March 2022! Register your interest to find out more.


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