Over 380 students will be immersed in China’s rich and exciting culture as part of the China Online Immersion programme.

Following the success of the online programme earlier in the year, the next round of schools are preparing for their virtual trip to the streets of Chengdu where they will learn about the unqiue culture, visit famous landmarks and interact with Chinese peers.

The 5-day programme will be running from 8 – 12 November 2021 and will unite English & Chinese pupils in Key Stages 2-3.

Participating schools:

  • Birklands Primary School
  • De Lisle College
  • Ellen Wilkinson Primary School
  • Richard Alibon Primary School
  • St. Oswald’s CE Primary School
  • Raeburn Primary School
  • Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

A cultural capital-building experience beyond compare to become active global citizens.

Chris AnsellLanguage Lead at LEO Academy Trust

The immersive programme is designed to target cultural awareness and enhance the future of your students.

The online sessions offer a digital exploration of China using live, interactive and pre-recorded footage, tailored to enrich and stimulate student learning. Some of the participating pupils will be taken on a tour around their Sister School as they learn about daily life in China.

LEO Academy Trust were a group of schools participating in the most recent virtual trip.

Chris Ansell, Language Lead at LEO Academy Trust, described the week of immersion as ‘a cultural capital-building experience beyond compare to become active global citizens.’

Places are now available for March 2021! Register your interest to find out more.

Register Your Interest

China Online Immersion - March 2021

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