The UK government has confirmed the allocation of budget to support the Turing Scheme for the next three years in its Spending Review 2021.

The programme was initially set up as a one-year programme, but has now been extended for a further three years, including £110 million for the academic year of 2022-23.

The Turing Scheme was set up to replace the UK’s participation in Erasmus+, giving young people the opportunity to benefit from working and studying abroad, while boosting the country’s ties with international partners in the process.

Canada, Japan, China and France are amongst over 150 international destinations where UK students will be travelling to as part of the new student exchange programme.

The announcement comes after 114 schools were granted funding for the academic year of 2021-22 and almost half (48%) of participants were identified as coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

True Education Partnerships supported six sister schools with their Turing Scheme applications and are now in the process of planning trips to visit their partnered schools in China.

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