Today children in England in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 returned to the classroom, as schools opened their doors to a wider range of children. A number of pupils won’t be returning just yet – with up to half potentially kept off by worried parents, according to a survey. Whereas, others are unable to go back because their local council made the decision not to reopen schools on June 1.

For those who have returned today, their day looked very different. Desks are spaced apart in classrooms, pupils are unable to use any school equipment and must bring their own, as well as strict social distancing measures that are followed at every stage of the school day.

Take a look at how primary schools across England have adapted to the new circumstances

Stukeley Meadows, Cambridgeshire

The headmaster of Stukeley Meadows, James Singleterry said: “We are going to promote and encourage social distancing amongst children, so when we think they are getting too close or when we believe they are not following instructions we will gently guide them to not do that.

But in terms of the playground, Mr Singleterry said they will not be using chalk boxes like other countries have done, but will again be encouraging pupils to stay away from one another.

St John’s College in Southsea

Year six pupils at St John’s College are getting used to following the social distancing measures in the classroom and the playground.

Primary School in Somerset

Headteacher in Somerset was expecting 100 pupils today and was very concerned about seeing photos of packed beaches over the weekend

Roade Primary School in Northhampton

Pupils at Roade Primary School were welcomed back today (Monday) by headteacher Mark Currell who was offering them a ‘virtual’ non-contact hug at the gates.

The Croft Primary School in Swindon

Pupils at The Croft Primary School were delighted to be reunited with their peers, whilst following social distancing measures.

Harris Primary Academy in London

Pupils at the Harris Primary Academy in London are adjusting to the new normal, including temperature tests at the gate and plenty of restrictions.

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