With families around the world in lockdown, Easter 2020 will be one like we’ve never seen before.

Some parents may find the idea of remaining home with children for the full duration of the bank holiday a little intimidating. Others may be wondering how they’ll keep the kids occupied all weekend, or feel disappointed they can’t part-take in the usual family traditions they’re used to.

Nevertheless, this Easter weekend is an opportunity to develop new traditions and find some different, more creative ways of having fun. Here are some ways you can enjoy the usual Easter excitement, quarantine-style.

Easy At-Home Easter Activities for Kids

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Most families will typically engage in some sort of egg hunt this time of year – either around their neighbourhood, park or school.

An easy way to turn this must-do activity on its head is it to simply keep it indoors! Using either small chocolate eggs or painted ones, have fun coming up with clues hidden amongst children’s toys, clothes and general spots about the house, each one attached to the next egg. You might wish to save a large chocolate egg or even a small gift till last, surprising them with the grand finale.

Those with a garden can make use of their outdoor space and hide eggs amongst the flowers and plants. Be sure to give children a small basket or bag they can collect the eggs in.

Bake some Easter treats

All children love sweet treats, so Easter is a perfect time to get them involved in the kitchen.

Pick out easy recipes with just a few simple ingredients, and let kids use their maths skills to measure out ingredients or scale the recipe up (if baking in double batches). Let them take on various tasks, such as stirring the chocolate while it melts or kneading dough with their hands.

Here are some simple and fun kids’ Easter recipes below, many of which require easy-to-find pantry staples.

Image by Wee Little Vegans

Easter Brownie Bites – Quick and simple, these little bites of yumminess look adorable and are wonderfully rich and fluffy.

Bunny Paw Biscuits – Made with a few simple ingredients, even the icing! You can use whatever food colouring you have to hand, or even omit it entirely.

Hot Cross Bunnies – A fun twist on the traditional hot cross bun, these ones are shaped into long bunny shapes and have a wonderfully orange & white chocolate flavour.

Easter Nests – A classic combo of Shredded Wheat cereal and melted chocolate make for a delicious and yet still-fairly-nutritious treat.

Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Balls – These wonderful desserts come together in moments and only require two ingredients. Use whatever ice cream you wish. This can also easily be made dairy-free.

Vegan Hot Cross Buns – This super simple recipe is perhaps even easier than the non-vegan version and ensures no little dairy-free eaters have to miss out.

Chocolate Coconut Butter Truffles – Kids will love making their own truffles and they only require a few ingredients. These chocolatey treats use coconut butter and cocoa powder to become ultra rich and creamy.

Cook a family dinner together

Don’t forget to share a delicious meal together this Easter Sunday, even if you’re spending the entire weekend at home. Working together to create a delicious Easter family meal can be a fun afternoon activity itself.

Get the kids involved by assigning them each a different dish or side dish (proportionate to age and skill level) that they can make themselves or help out with. Let them sit with you and choose recipes they would like to make, based on their favourite vegetables and flavours. Going shopping together may not be an option, but planning what everybody wants to eat beforehand will ensure there are fewer pouting faces on the day.

Why not involve members of your extended family by having a virtual cook-off? Decide on a dish you are all going to make together, set up the laptop or iPad in the kitchen, and have fun making it together via video call. Make it competitive like Ready Steady Cook, or keep it laid-back as you catch up with relatives at the same time.

You could also extend the video call to eating dinner itself. Many families will be unable to enjoy a meal with relatives like normal, so sitting down at their own tables whilst chatting over video can help maintain that feeling of connection.

Easter arts & crafts

Arts and crafts are of course a wonderful way to keep kids occupied at home, particularly if the weather isn’t great outside.

From making Easter cards to ‘give’ to relatives (online or via video call), to creating handmade Easter decorations to hang around the house, getting crafty helps build children’s motor skills, creativity and keeps them away from screens for a while.

Choose craft activities based on their age and skill level, and stay to help with potentially difficult tasks like cutting, folding or gluing.

Easter Craft Ideas for Children

Clothes Peg Easter Bunnies – These cute Easter bunnies are made from your standard wooden clothes pegs. All you need is some white paint and felt tips to decorate.

Salt Dough Egg Hanging Decorations – Add some Easter brightness to your home with these hanging salt dough eggs. Salt dough is hard and robust and can last for years, and they can be easily painted, meaning kids can design them however they like!

Chocolate-filled Easter Chicks – These cute little cardboard chicks are made from leftover egg cartons, and can be used to store hidden chocolates or sweets.

Paint-filled Eggs on Canvas – This one is a fun DIY activity to do outdoors! Carefully fill a set of empty eggshells (save them throughout the week) with coloured paint, then watch as kids have fun throwing them against a canvas in the garden. Voila! Create a work of art, and let them burn off some energy too.

Paper Roll Bunnies – This one is a great way to use up empty toilet rolls and is an easy activity for almost any age. You can use the same method to make paper roll chicks too!

Easter Egg Potato Stamps – This is a fun but simple idea using raw potato halves to make a stamp. Kids can then use it to decorate whatever they like.

Egg Carton Hatching Chicks – This activity also uses up old egg boxes to create the appearance of little pom pom chicks newly hatching!

Plant some seeds in the garden

One of the best things about spring is that it’s a good time to plant some new flowers, and watch existing plants blossom.

Get some seasonable flower seeds such as sunflowers, poppies or sweetpeas, and get the children involved in planting them in the garden. You might wish to take this time to talk to them all about the beginnings of new life, and the importance of nurturing something so that it can grow big and beautiful.

If you have other flowers blooming in your garden, you could create an activity where children have to match the flowers to a picture and learn the names of the different plants.

Have video calls with loved ones

Of course, Easter is typically a family-oriented celebration, so be sure to make time to video chat with loved ones including friends and family.

Kids will love to see what their relatives and friends are up to, and in turn, showing off the creations they’ve made in the kitchen and in the playroom. Play games, exchange stories, and just generally stay connected. That’s what Easter is all about!

What activities are you using to keep the kids busy this Easter weekend? Let us know on Twitter – @TrueEducation_P.

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