April 20th was World Chinese Language Day, celebrating the creation of written Chinese characters by its inventor Cang Jie.

This lesson plan provides everything you need to teach students about Cang Jie and the birth of Chinese characters. With our free downloadable Powerpoint presentation, students will learn about Chinese chops (seals) and how the Cang Jie system is used in computing today.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the history of the Chinese written language or characters, and the UN’s World Language Day.

Resources needed

  • PowerPoint for information (downloadable below)
  • Videos to watch
  • Interactive Quiz (below)

Lesson Content

  • Use the PowerPoint to learn about World Chinese Language Day (UNESCO) and Cang Jie who invented the written characters.
  • Test students’ knowledge with our interactive quiz.
  • Allow students to invent some new characters using art materials or create a Chinese chop for their own name.

Pupil Activities

  • Watch the videos and find out more information about World Chinese Language Day.
  • Find out about the invention and inventor of the Chinese characters.
  • Develop some new characters (symbols) for words OR create a Chinese chop or seal for your own name.
  • See if you can answer the quiz!

Click below to download our FREE PowerPoint to learn about the invention of the Chinese written language.

Download PowerPoint

World Chinese Language Day Quiz

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