Chinese kites (making and flying) are an ancient Chinese tradition, dating back over 2800 years ago.

First used for military purposes, they were eventually turned into recreational objects during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), when people had more time for fun.

The following lesson plan allows you to teach your students about the traditions of Chinese kites and includes instructions on how to make your very own Chinese kite! Simply download our FREE PowerPoint presentation below and watch the videos with your class before having a go at creating your own colourful kites.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand more about the history of kite making and the traditional shapes etc.

  • To create a kite and fly it in a competition.

Resources needed

  • PowerPoint for information and instructions (downloadable below)
  • Videos on styles of kite flying and designing (below)
  • Craft materials: paper, straws, red wool or string, tape, paints, paintbrushes, scissors.

Lesson Content

  • Watch the PowerPoint presentation and videos for some history about the kites.
  • Follow the instructions to design and craft your own kites.
  • Have a flying competition to see which ones work best! (This activity could also be combined with a science lesson.)

Pupil Activities

  • Learn about the history of Chinese kites and have a go at designing your own.
  • Test your kites to see which ones fly best, and maybe even have a competition!

Click below to download our FREE PowerPoint to learn about the traditions behind Chinese kites and how to make your own.

Download PowerPoint
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