The Bà Luò Bó song is a famous children’s nursery rhyme in China, about an enormous turnip that needed lots of people to help pull it out of the ground.

It has actually been made into a children’s story in England and may be more commonly known as ‘The Enormous Turnip’ or ‘The Giant Turnip’.

If you’re interested in teaching your children or class this age-old Chinese song, simply download our free PowerPoint which teaches the lyrics to the song and their meaning.

Watch the video below to hear the song and see the hand actions that go with it. Then, practice singing it all together by using the words in the PowerPoint and the actions in the video.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a Chinese song that is also a story learnt in England.
  • This can also be acted out as there are several characters in the story
  • Children will get to know some Chinese language, especially ‘old man’, ‘old woman’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’ and ‘rat’.

Resources needed

  • PowerPoint for the words
  • Video of the song (below)

Lesson Content

  • Watch the song video and then start to practice it by singing along to the video.  Use the PowerPoint provided to learn the words and their meaning.
  • Children could also assign characters in teams and act out the song too.

Pupil Activities

Learn the song and actions with classmates, using the PowerPoint and video.

Click below to download our FREE PowerPoint to learn the words of the Giant Turnip song.

Download PowerPoint
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