We asked teachers to share their top tips for increasing student engagement during home learning. Here’s what they told us…

1. Regular Contact

One thing missed most by both teachers and students during online learning is the daily classroom contact. Whilst it is possible to quickly and easily connect online, human interaction is becoming increasingly missed.

@richreadalot said: ‘Live contact via Zoom/Teams just for students to catch up with their teacher and friends is so essential. Contact by phone, live video or personal message, ensures they know that a personal connection is still there, and not just a page of text instructions.’

Many others agreed:

  • Definitely contact! Our morning check-ins are going really well and getting the children motivated for the day. Continuing our class story too virtually is engaging them – @TJGriffiths.
  • Contact, communicate and connect. We need to have a good understanding of who is/isn’t able to access and why, then we need to do something about it! – @MrHtheteacher
  • Daily check-ins and contact helps… regular check-ins with parents helps too – @TeacherPaul1978.
  • Daily video calls as check-ins and to explain the day’s tasks, continuing to read class novel on-line, daily feedback on learning, individualised learning tasks where needed, follow-phone calls where families are struggling or not engaging with learning – @_Emily_Hicks

2. Set Achievable Tasks

Some tasks appear daunting to students who struggle to see the value or neither believe they can complete it. Creating tasks that are motivating will empower your students to own their learning.

Setting enjoyable but achievable tasks for home learning then giving positive feedback. Does the world of good for the children and parents.


3. Individual Check-ins

When teaching through remote platforms it becomes easier for students to distance from their learning and hide their worries. Signs are difficult to spot in group sessions, so individual check-ins with pupils and parents are proving vital.

@Leazy84 said: ‘Providing 1:1 sessions for young children provides a safe space to talk about their learning. Incorporate tailored, specific support sessions to cater for all children’s right to receive an education that suits them.’

Create an open environment that enables your pupils to talk.

Other Ideas

  • Daily morning check-ins to get the children motivated
  • Continue to read the class story online
  • Regular check-ins with parents
  • Quizzes and competitions
  • Feedback on learning
  • Individualised learning tasks where needed
  • Live lessons with lots of motivation, support and encouragement
  • Phone calls to families who are struggling or not engaging with learning

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Educators mentioned:

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