Tuesday was a memorable day for Hove Park School and Zhejiang Longgang High School in China who agreed to a Sister School Partnership and signed a Memorandum of Understanding during an online meeting.

The official signing ceremony is the first step in establishing a long-term, meaningful partnership between the two schools that aims to raise cultural understanding and provide exciting learning opportunities for the entire school community.

As part of the programme, students and staff will use the Global School Alliance platform to manage communications, collaborate on projects and join live meetings. Both schools are excited at the prospect of meeting in person during a visit in Spring next year.

Longgang’s principal Lv said:

“Distance doesn’t matter, and thousands of miles still make us neighbours. I hope that in the future, our two schools will continue to enhance understanding and mutual trust and continuously expand the field of cooperation. I firmly believe that the establishment of Sister School Partnership with The Hove Park School can expand the international vision of teachers and students, enrich the cultural connotation of the school, improve the school’s running level, and lay a solid foundation for the creation of a modern school in Zhejiang Province.”

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