The BBC has announced it will launch a host of new programmes and resources to aid parents and teachers on the frontlines of home education.

Starting Monday April 20th, the start of the new summer term, the BBC will unveil the new learning content, which will includes videos, quizzes, podcasts and articles on the BBC Bitesize website daily, scheduled to cover 14 weeks of home learning.

The new content is said to span students of all ages and allow them “to follow the appropriate core parts of their nation’s school curriculum in these challenging times”. The BBC has enlisted the help of its top presenters including Oti Mabuse, Katie Thistleton and Karim Zeroual to deliver the learning content.

It has also teamed up with leading organisations such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, Premier League and Puffin Books to keep the lessons fresh.

BBC Director Tony Hall said it is “the biggest education effort the BBC has ever undertaken”.

The broadcaster spoke about the importance of helping children across the UK maintain a sense of routine in their structure, promising that every child will “have their education supported”.

“Together, this comprehensive package is aimed at minimising disruption to children’s education and providing rhythm and routine in these challenging times.”

The announcement was met with positive response from the government, as well as families looking for extra help with their children’s home learning.

This comprehensive package is aimed at minimising disruption to children’s education and providing rhythm and routine in these challenging times.


Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “As a parent, I know encouraging children to learn at home is no easy task. I am delighted that the BBC has worked with experts and exceptional teachers to create this educational package.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Downden added that this was “public service broadcasting at its best” and will make a “big difference to millions of children across the UK”.

“I’m delighted the BBC is working closely with the government to help make sure our children are educated, informed and entertained during these challenging times,” he said.

CBBC presenter Karim Zeroual is one of the faces children can expect to see throughout the new educational content. He said: “Lots of people will be enjoying being home with their children but…parents are trying to build different roles – the mum and dad and the teacher – and that’s really tough.

“I know my sister is struggling with that. I’ve got three nephews and I know for a fact the BBC’s going to help my close friends and family, trying to give people a helping hand.”

The programme content, which will be accessible via BBC iPlayer and red button, will cover core subjects such as Maths, English and Science, with guidance from experts and teachers.

What will the new programme content include?

  • BBC Bitesize Daily: Six 20-minute programmes featuring teachers, experts and famous faces will air on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button every day, targeting six age groups, from ages 5 to 14.
  • Bitesize Daily Online: New maths and English lessons will be uploaded every day, for Years 1-10. Resources will also be available for other subjects such as history, geography and art. Online content will include videos, quizzes, infographics and articles. The website will also offer house guides with advice for effective home schooling, and guidance for pupils with special educational needs.
  • BBC iPlayer: Specially-curated content will include curriculum-related videos and programmes, organised by year group and subject.
  • BBC Sounds: Two 10-minute education podcasts aimed at parents of primary and secondary pupils will be uploaded each day.
  • BBC Four: A block of programming support.

The curriculum will be for years one to 10, with an Instagram live for year 10s where students can ask questions and receive answers from experts and teachers.The content will be divided into age groups and BBC Bitesize online will publish a new Maths and English lesson for every child every day, with more subjects to follow. This will essentially enable parents to be able to schedule a ‘tailored day of learning’ using the BBC’s content.

Lessons will be nation-specific, with content having been created with teachers and leading education providers including Twinkl, White Rose Maths, Department for Education in England, the Welsh government, Scottish government and Northern Ireland Executive.

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