Hundreds of students were immersed in Chinese culture and language as part of the China Online Immersion programme.

Last week over 200 students from Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School, Hampton Gurney CofE Primary School, University College School Hampstead London, The Perse School Cambridge, Hitchin Boys’ School and Tiffin School ‘virtually’ travelled 5,000mi to the heart of Chengdu, China for an immersive online experience.

The groups were greeted each day by our host ‘live’ in China before embarking on a day of learning and exploration. During the virtual trip, the students visited famous landmarks and museums, learned about ancient Sanxingdui culture, took a tour around the local street food markets and experienced life as a student in China. Each day the students reported their findings in their workbook and took part in a practical activity to bring learning to life.

For students studying Mandarin, it was an exciting opportunity to put their skills to the test and practice speaking to peers at a school in China during a virtual student exchange.

Our Chinese students at Wenzhou No.2 Foreign Language School welcomed pupils in the UK with a spectacular performance of Moli Hua and later practised the song together in Mandarin. During the virtual exchange, our learners tuned in to a virtual tour of the school and spoke with peers during an interactive session to ask one another about their hobbies, interests and ambitions.

Miss M P Maggioni, Co-ordinator of Mandarin at University College School said: “What a treat for our Year 9 students to take part in Day 3 of the China Online Immersion Programme! The day, perfectly organised and impeccably directed, took the students on a virtual trip to Chengdu, exploring Sanxingdui archaeological site and learning about its mysterious civilization. They then learnt about a typical school day and got a sneak peek into all kinds of activities including daily exercise routines and eye-massaging! Finally, the creative afternoon workshop allowed them to recreate clay masks in the style of those unearthed at Sanxingdui. In times where travelling to China is not as easy, an experience like this was definitely truly valuable for our students.”

In May 2022, another cohort of students will have the opportunity to virtually visit Spain on the Spanish Online Immersion programme. Places are very limited, so enquire today to secure your place!

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