Since the announcement of school closures across the UK, teachers and students have been forced to transition to largely a home learning setup (with some teachers attending school on a rota to support the children of key workers).

The new teaching and learning structure has resulted in schools adapting a whole new way of learning, with many teachers even having to home school their own children whilst teaching their students from afar. Without the usual social contact that teaching brings, it’s easy for teachers to feel lonely and isolated at this time, not to mention stressed and frustrated.

We’ve put together the best online teacher communities across Twitter and Facebook, where teachers can join in conversation, receive help from others and share valuable resources and information.

The Best Online Communities for Teachers



Probably one of the biggest teacher communities on Twitter, #FFBWednesday aims to bring teachers support and helpful advice when they need it most. Run by deputy headteacher J.Grocott, you can check in every Wednesday for friendly nuggets of wisdom, bursts of inspiration, a listening ear and generally just a smile and a chat.

#Tiny VoiceTuesday

#TinyVoiceTuesday is run by passionate primary school teacher Toria Bono, who created the thread to give a voice to lesser known educational professionals on Twitter and create a community of shared values.

Join in the #TinyVoiceTuesday’ chats every Tuesday at 8pm. You can also get involved further with #TinyVoiceTuesdayUnites and #TVTTagTeam.


The #Teacher5oclockclub thread is another large teacher community, where teachers get to share their views, personal struggles and various wins throughout the week – big and small.

Whether you’re looking for some daily inspiration to keep going or have something to share to make others smile, you can find it all here at 5am each day.


Are you looking for inspiration on lesson plans, activity ideas or school resources to share with your class? #PlanningShoutout is where you can find ideas and inspiration from countless teachers, many of whom are sharing online and virtual teaching resources to use during this period of school closures.

Of course if you have some useful resources to share, you can do so via this hashtag.


For updates and support on all the action surrounding the current covid-19 outbreak, head to the #CoronaConnectEd500 thread.

It’s got plenty of helpful tips and resources for teachers being affected by the outbreak and school closures, as well as the latest news on the ever-changing situation for educators.


For those teachers who may be teaching students online whilst home schooling their own…we salute you. The #HomeschoolinguK thread includes some amazing inspiration and resources, as well as answers to your niggling questions and much-needed motivation when you need it most.

If nothing else, it’s a place to find amusing tales of others’ home schooling experiences and know that you’re really not alone.


If you’re a teacher struggling to adjust to the use of online or e-learning tools. #eduLWDT is here to the rescue! On this thread you’ll find help, assistance and ideas from other educators who are experienced in using edtech to facilitate the learning process…as well as shared (often humorous) experiences from other teachers.


Education resource website TES has created the #TwitterStaffroom hashtag, in order to prevent teachers around the world from feeling isolated or lonely. Use it to reach out for a chat, spread some cheer, or find useful resources to support you on your online teaching journey.


#IntEarlyEd is a community of international Early Childhood Educators that chats once a month about all things ECE. Wherever you are in the world, this hashtag aims to bring together the best of what the profession has to share, whilst offering a helping hand to those who need it.


Created by primary teaching student @EarlyYearsIdeas, #EYShare is intended to be a point of support and community for early years teachers and TAs. Join them on Wednesdays 8:30-9pm to share problems, ask for help or discuss ideas.


Created by @ThatNurseryLife, #TNLChat aims to support and inform early years professionals. Join in discussions on Wednesdays at 8:30pm as well as find tips and advice, activity plans and best-practice guides.


Calling all MFL teachers! If you’re looking for helpful resources, lesson plans and activity ideas for teaching foreign languages from home, then #MFLTwitterati has got your back.

Share inspiration, wisdom and a bit of friendly rapport with other like-minded teachers, all whilst staying inspired and motivated.


#EduGladiators is highlighting a new era of leadership, engagement and advocacy in the education industry. Whether you’re keen to learn new ways of innovating learning in the classroom or have some great ideas to share, you can join in with the #EduGladiators chat on Saturday mornings at 8am.


For those burning questions you’ve always wanted answered, #MasteryChat is your place. Hosted by various educational experts and teachers each week, it aims to shed light on whatever struggles your school community may be facing. Right now, the thread is highly focused on virtual learning and maintaining positive relationships between teachers and their students.


For professionals working in further education, #UKFEChat is here for you to vent your struggles, air your concerns and feel inspired and reassured. Join in the conversation on Thursdays, 8-10pm.


Last but not least, there’s us! On the TEP #SchoolAwards hashtag, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from our School Awards winners and runners up – including schools working together on joint projects to teachers and NQTs who’ve gone that extra mile.

Take a look at some of our past School Awards winners for some great ideas…and of course, use the hashtag if you’d like to nominate someone for an award

Facebook Groups

Teach With Tech

If you’re interested in educational technology and mobile learning, or perhaps still getting to grips with it, Teach With Tech is a great place to learn and connect.

Sharing ideas and resources around Google Drive, Google Classroom, iPad apps, learning apps, classroom websites, Apple Classroom, Microsoft Edu, and other digital classroom tools and devices, you’ll learn about various tools and their best practices.

STEM Teachers Tribe

For teachers of STEM subjects or those looking to integrate more STEM-based activities into their classroom, this Facebook group is for you.

Made up of educators, home-schooling parents and makerspace staff, the STEM Teachers Tribe aims to share valuable ideas and connect like-minded teachers.

Fitness for Teachers

Fitness for Teachers is a place for sharing lesson plans and lunges. No matter where you are in your fitness journey or what your goals are, you can now combine work with exercise with this group’s ideas, recipes and support and genuine fitness inspo.

Teachers Ask Teachers

For those burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask, Teachers Ask Teachers is a tightly-knit community of teachers from nearly all over the world.

Stop by for a little friendly support, to give advice or share resources, or simply enjoy some casual humour and inspiration.

Teacher Problems

Need a place to vent about your teacher problems? The Teacher Problems Facebook group will be more than sympathetic to all of your teaching woes.

Let loose your frustrations (in a reasonable way of course…!) and engage in a friendly exchange of advice, reassurance and wine appreciation.

Teacher Memes

Sometimes at the end of your day, your head will be fried and words just aren’t going to cut it. When that’s the case, it’s memes to the rescue!

Teacher Memes will certainly put a smile on your face as teachers share their frustrations in a light-hearted way. FYI this group may involve use of some bad language, so if that’s not your thing, perhaps give this one a miss.

Teaching Ideas

Teaching Ideas is a group where you can share educational ideas and thoughts with other like-minded educators and experts.

Whether it’s discussing new developments in the edu world or sharing a handy resource or two, you’ll be in good company with others in this group.

Teaching Assistants UK

It’s not always easy being a TA…yet it can be tricky knowing where to find help and support.

The Teaching Assistants UK Facebook Group is a place for TAs and HLTAs to share ideas, ask questions and support one another throughout their teaching journey.

Primary Teaching – NQT and Trainee Teachers

Primary Teaching – NQTs and Trainee Teachers is ideal for finding the support you need throughout your training and also in your first year of teaching.

Find helpful advice and resources, share your war stories and learn from others all whilst making valuable connections.

SEN Teaching Ideas & Resources

Teaching has its challenges and obstacles at the best of times, but these can be taken to a whole new level when you teach in a SEND school.

SEN Teaching Ideas & Resources aims to connect SEND teachers by facilitating positive debate and support, as well as the sharing of brilliant resources and first-hand teaching ideas from those who have been there, done that.

Do you know of an amazing teacher community online we should include in this list? Let us know on Twitter! @TrueEducation_P.

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