Virtual School Partnerships

A project-based partnership through online collaborations and exchanges devised around common academic subjects and cross-cultural understanding, delivered in a virtual classroom environment.

Establishing International Links

True Education Partnerships (TEP) has partnered with the Global School Alliance (GSA) to facilitate an inclusive, immersive online partnership programme to transform global learning in your school.

The Virtual School Partnerships programme is perfect for schools looking to establish a project-based partnership through online collaborations and exchanges devised around common academic subjects and cross-cultural understanding.

Two schools are matched based on their school profile, vision and aims to enrich and improve cultural awareness. Schools can identify a key link they would like to establish to support curriculum subjects including Modern Foreign Languages.

Using our decade of knowledge and experience in setting up successful school partnerships, we can expertly match your school with a partner school in a foreign country. We have connections with schools in 120 countries, but if we have not yet established a connection, we will establish links with counterparts in your preferred location.

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What’s Included?

All online sessions are led by our native Chinese specialists who will deliver live demonstrations.

Finding a partner school in your preferred location worldwide

Formal introductions and setting up the partnership between both schools

A dedicated group with a school account manager on the GSA Platform to facilitate communications, projects and meetings

Support with introductions and first joint project to initiate the partnership

Virtual School Partnerships

What are the benefits?

  • Establish an ongoing international school partnership through virtual exchanges and online collaborations
  • Participate in meaningful online projects and meeting with peers at your partner school in a diverse and multi-lingual environment
  • Raise cultural awareness, highlight diversity and develop cross-cultural collaboration skills
  • Develop a partnership that can benefit and inspire the whole school community
  • Plan online meetings, online projects and immersive learning experiences that address important global issues
  • Creates an enthusiasm for foreign language learning and increases student uptake
  • Link project to curriculum subjects, enrichment or SMSC
  • Broadens your school’s international networks and provides access to new approaches to teaching and learning
  • Opens access to the Global School Alliance membership benefits on the platform
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Virtual School Partnerships

How does it work?

  • Once you have joined the programme, you will be invited to complete your school profile and state your preferred location to partner with.
  • We will source a potential partner and arrange introductions if the match is successful.
  • Once the partnership has been established, you will be set up with a dedicated space on the Global School Alliance platform to communicate and plan projects (including Zoom integration).
  • Your Account Manager will support you to plan and set up the initial project.
  • From then onwards, TEP & GSA will provide classroom resources to develop core skills and explore important global themes. This includes a 12-month support package with a designated contact for technical problems/support.
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