Student Interaction Workshop

These real-time connections will break down the walls of the classroom and introduce students to different cultures, languages, traditions and lifestyles.

Choose from Spain, China, France or the UK

Connect With Peers Internationally

Through the power of video conferencing and modern means of communication, students can now interact with peers thousands of miles away, breaking down the walls of the classroom and adding a valuable international dimension to global learning.

These online interactive workshops are part of an ‘international week’ of global student engagement designed to introduce pupils to different cultures, languages, traditions and lifestyles through real-time interactions.

In a safe virtual environment, pupils can connect with peers in Spain, China, France or the UK during a 2 hr 30 min session. Two classes will be paired in a ‘breakout room’ with a TEP host to manage the interactions and itinerary. The live workshop will include introductions, presentations and exchanges, lessons about local culture and traditions, and a Q&A session.

These experiences have proven to build student confidence in an environment where students feel comfortable to discuss global themes with like-minded peers. All participants will be on-boarded with a resource pack for teachers including lesson plans, worksheets and an itinerary to support the delivery.

Dates are available in September 2022.

Workshops can be delivered in a classroom of up to 30 students.

What’s Included?

The interaction workshops are 2 hr 30 min long and start from 9 am (UK Time)

An introduction to international peers

Presentation on local cultures, traditions and school life

Questions and answers session

Teacher handbook and resource pack

Benefits of the Student Interaction Workshop

  • Promote cultural awareness and highlights diversity
  • Introduces students to peers in a different country, culture and school
  • Encourages students to assess their own cultural heritage
  • Motivates language learners by practising with native peers
  • Increases students’ confidence and social skills
  • Puts lessons and world events into context
  • Develops globally aware and more rounded individuals
  • Teaches students about different education systems
  • Opportunity for students to ask questions live with peers
  • Immerses students in a multi-lingual environment
  • Creates an excitement for learning

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