Host a Chinese School with our Hosting Unleashed Programme

Open up new opportunities, celebrate diversity and build the foundations for a successful Sister School Partnership by hosting Chinese students at your school, with funding available.

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Hosting Unleashed

Hosting Unleashed offers the opportunity for your school to host Chinese students and teachers, delivering an incredible education experience that benefits the entire school community.

During the exchange, international students are immersed in their host school by taking part in regular curriculum classes with UK students to help them to get the most out of the experience. This integration enables students to mix, form bonds and collaborate on projects, ensuring that the exchange has a positive impact on both host and exchange students.

True Education Partnerships supports the student hosting programme before, during and after to ensure its success.

Benefits of hosting Chinese students:
  • Learn more about Chinese culture, people and language
  • Raise multicultural and international awareness within the school community
  • Create awareness and adoption of an alternative, multifaceted approach to teaching and learning
  • Earn funding for your school
  • Boost the local economy
  • Meet the expectations of Ofsted framework
  • Generate excitement and demand from your students to visit China
  • Build foundations for a Sister School Partnership
  • Become an ambassador for the UK.

The Hosting Unleashed Process

Buddy System

Buddy each student with a Chinese visitor and watch friendships flourish as two cultures bond.

Opportunity for Homestay

Visitors usually stay in local hotels; however, there is an increased demand for UK families to offer a 'homestay' experience.

Immersive Itinerary

True Education will help sculpt a perfect itinerary to enable a truly immersive experience for your visitors.

Full Support

True Education Partnerships fully prepare schools before the hosting experience and support them throughout the process.

Hosting FAQs

How does a student hosting programme benefit my pupils?

Our student hosting opportunities have tangible benefits on students such as:

  • Providing life changing, immersive experiences
  • Giving students pride in their own culture by being ambassadors of the school and the UK
  • Increasing personal awareness and confidence
  • Raising cultural awareness and highlighting diversity and similarities around the world
  • Increasing understanding on how interdependent countries and peoples are, both globally and locally
  • Exposure to varied opportunities that enable focus and clarity on their future potential
  • Result in life-long friendships.

Does my school get paid for this?

Yes! Funding will be made available to you to cover the costs of hosting a Chinese school.

After you have hosted, we request that you invoice us for the pre-agreed fee based on the number of days you hosted and the number of pupils hosted. The operations team will check and verify the invoice and then pass to the finance department, who will then process the payment within 3 working days.

How old are the exchange students?

  • If your school is a UK primary school, the Chinese students will be between the ages of 9-11 years old.
  • If you are a UK high school you will be hosting Chinese high school students between the ages of 13-15 years old.

(After this age Chinese schools get quite strict about allowing the children time off for trips.)

How many students would I host?

We usually ask that you can host a minimum of 10 students, and you can let us know the maximum number you can host. This will completely depend on the group, but it shouldn’t be more than about 30 students.

How long will we host the Chinese school for?

For a minimum of 3 days, usually between 3-5 days. There are special circumstances where this may be longer. For example, if your school is a boarding school providing a summer camp including sightseeing and activities. Let us know if there are any special circumstances.

Who looks after the visitors while they're in the school?

Students will be accompanied by a teacher (usually in a ratio of around 1:10). We can provide hosting assistants/translators to help the programme run smoothly. The hosting assistant and teacher can help with any translation issues. Chinese students learn English from the age of six and it is studied very seriously in schools. Students usually have a high level of understanding, but they may be a little shy with their speaking.

Who organises the exchange students' accommodation?

There are a few options for this:

  1. We can book their accommodation.
  2. If homestay can be provided by the school we offer additional funding to cover this. This would be for a Chinese student to stay with a host family. If you are interested, we can discuss details and fees in more detail.
  3. If the school has boarding facilities, we can put together a package, or if you have a standard package we can discuss this.

Can my students go to China?

Absolutely! We specialise in Sister School Partnerships which include outbound and inbound exchanges to China. This allows your student to have a completely immersive experience in China.

It also benefits the whole school community as we will encourage and facilitate joint projects with your sister school.

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