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Spanish Online Immersion

True Education Partnerships have designed a unique programme to combine cultural immersion with Spanish language learning.

Seville, Spain

October 2022

Key stage 2-4

Spanish Language and Culture Immersion

Spanish language and culture gives students an insight into

Whether you’re looking to develop cultural capital, plan a school enrichment week, or bring language learning to life, this week of online immersion will transform student learning and increase engagement.

  • Visit famous landmarks and attractions in Seville, Spain
  • Experience first-hand what it’s like to be a student in Spain
  • Join live sessions with Spanish students
  • Practice Spanish language with native speakers
  • Learn new skills in a variety of practical lessons
  • Explore Spanish culture, heritage and arts
  • Take part in hands-on workshops and activities
  • Visit a school in Spain for a live tour and insight

Practice Spanish Speaking

Cultural Immersion

Live Sessions & Virtual Visits

Explore Seville, Spain

Day One: Introduction to Spain & it’s culture

Students are welcomed to the week of immersion with an introduction to Spain, famous landmarks, its culture and its language. Our native host will introduce essential greetings and phrases to speak to peers in Spain. During the practical session, pupils will learn how to make authentic handheld fans and present them to the host.


Spanish Greetings

About Spain: Cities, Culture, Football

About Seville: History, Culture, Traditions

Activity: Authentic Handheld Fans

Day Two: Student Interaction & Flamenco

How does daily life as a student in Spain compare to your students’? During Day Two, students will virtually visit a local school in Seville where they will connect with peers during an online exchange to learn about one another’s school life and practice speaking a foreign language.

In the afternoon, students will put what they’ve learned about flamenco dancing to practice with an exciting dance lesson.

School Life in Spain

Virtual Visit to a Spanish School

Virtual Student Exchange

Live Q&A Session & Peer Interaction

Language Session

Introduction to Flamenco Dancing

Activity: LIVE Flamenco Dancing Lesson

How long are the sessions?

The programme runs from 9:00 AM – 14:30 (UK Time) including two morning and afternoon breaks.

Why Visit Seville?

Seville is the capital city and largest of southern Spain’s Andalusia region, situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

The river, with 60 navigable kilometres, was an important harbour during the Spanish conquest of the American continent. Silver and gold from the New World arrived in Seville through the river and were distributed throughout the country from here.

The city of Seville is famous worldwide for its culture, monuments, traditions and artistic heritage. This is the birthplace of Flamenco and the city where the most amazing Easter processions take place. But Seville is also the neuralgic centre of the South of Spain, a city full of life and possibilities.

Andalucía’s capital embodies the spirit of traditional southern Spanish culture, from flamenco to bullfighting, to winding ancient cobblestone streets.

Seville is a must for travellers who want to completely immerse themselves in Andalusian culture and history.

What are the benefits?

The Spanish Online Immersion programme is a unique way to teach your students about Spanish culture and re-discover their passion for languages, broadcast live to your classroom.

Led by our host in Spain, our learners will explore the bustling streets of Seville to uncover its rich history and traditions, with virtual visits and interactive sessions.

Unlike any other opportunity, your students will meet their peers in Spain online to practise their language with native speakers – a guaranteed highlight for the entire school community! Primary and secondary pupils will be matched accordingly to answer each other’s questions on how daily school life compares to one another.

Tailored to develop cultural capital and global citizenship in your school, this programme is perfect for schools looking to enhance their global learning opportunitie.


“If you are looking to reignite your pupil’s passion for a language and engage them with the wider context, a virtual week away is a fantastic opportunity."

Chris Ansell, Language Lead at LEO Academy Truston China Online Immersion programme

Our partnership with True Education has allowed us to run our own Mandarin Language for our Year 5 students. I have seen our children's enthusiasm and confidence flourish as they learn a new, unfamiliar language.

Sophie Gunner, Principal of Cheam Common Junior Academyon Sister School Partnerships Programme

"True Education Partnerships have brought learning to life through our work with our sister schools."

Philip Hedger, CEO of LEO Academy Truston Sister School Partnerships Programme

Enquire Today

Spanish Online Immersion FAQS

For any further questions please contact TEP.

Why choose True Education Partnerships?

True Education Partnerships are the most trusted provider of immersive education programmes.

True Education Partnerships has been building strong, lasting partnerships between the UK and China since 2011. Since then, we have developed the Global School Alliance to connect over 110 countries around the world. Our Spanish Online Immersion programme is the latest edition to our list of programmes to provide language and culture opportunities for students globally.

How do I join the programme?

Once you have registered your interest, a member of the team will be in touch to secure your spot.

What is the cost of the programme?

Prices vary depending on discounts and availability. Get in touch today to speak to our School Account Manager and find out more

What's included in the price?

Immersion programme itinerary, teacher handbook and student workbook.

When will the programme take place?

The programme will run in May 2022.

Are there limited spaces?

Yes, spaces are limited so we recommend securing your slot as soon as possible.

How many students can participate in my school?

We take bookings of up to 30 students per classroom.

The number of classrooms able to participate will depend on availability.

Life-Changing Experiences

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