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Online Mandarin Programme

As students prepare for an increasingly connected world, it’s necessary for them to equip themselves with a broader range of career opportunities. Students who have a knowledge and understanding of Mandarin can be more competitive at a global level.

We have designed an Online Mandarin Programme to give students the opportunity to learn the most widely spoken native language in the world. Delivered on a 1-2-1 basis by our highly qualified native specialists, this programme will run for over a course of 7 weeks in a virtual classroom setting. Running alongside the Virtual China Camp, learning Mandarin will allow camp participants to become fully immersed in Chinese culture.

With over 8 years of experience in the teaching and learning of Mandarin, we are able to deliver a programme tailored to introduce all learners to the Chinese language.


Learn the important words and phrases required for real situations.

Lesson Reviews

Live interactive exercises and lesson reviews allows students to progress quickly.

1-to-1 Lessons

There's no better way to learn Chinese than 1-to-1 lessons with a native speaker.

Virtual Classroom

The online setting enables students to learn from native specialists.

Why Learn Mandarin?

  • Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world
  • Employers seek Mandarin speakers
  • Learning Mandarin will open up opportunities to work in the world’s biggest, fastest-growing economy
  • Gives students the opportunity to communicate with their peers in China
  • Creates a greater understanding and experience of the Chinese culture
  • Exposure to varied opportunities that enables focus and clarity on their future potential
  • Learning a new language is extremely rewarding for students

Who is the programme for?

This programme is currently tailored for English speaking students in KS2-4.

No existing Mandarin language ability required: this programme is for complete beginners.

Choose your course

We have designed an Online Mandarin Programme to introduce learners to the Chinese language.

We have a variation of programmes available to captivate and support all learners.

Introductory Sessions

6-week Programmes

1-hour Introductory Sessions

Looking for a taster session? The 1-hour Introductory Session is the perfect way for students to get to know Chinese culture and be introduced to Mandarin Chinese.

This survival session will cover common phrases for daily use in China.

Delivery Options:

1-to-1 session with a Mandarin teacher: £49 ex.VAT 

Select this session

1-to-10 session with a Mandarin teacher: £23 ex.VAT

Select this session

6-week Mandarin Programme

The 6-week Online Mandarin programme is designed to ease students into the Chinese language. By the end of the programme, our leaners will be able to communicate in spoken Chinese within a beginner’s range of commonly encountered situations.

The pace and structure of the online classes will vary depending on the selected delivery option.

Delivery Options:

1-to-1   6-week programme with a Mandarin teacher: £249 ex.VAT

Select this programme

1-to-4  6-week programme with a Mandarin teacher and small group: £119.98 ex.VAT

Select this programme

1-to-10 6-week programme with a Mandarin teacher and a larger group: £69.98 ex.VAT

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6-week Programme Outline

Week 1: Introduction and Greetings

Our Mandarin learners will learn how to introduce themselves to their peers in China.

Week 2: Times and Dates

This week students can expect to master dates and times in Chinese – an important part of survival in China.

Week 3: Family and Food

Chinese family values are an important part of the culture. Students can expect to learn how to introduce and describe their own family members. Famous for its cuisine, our learners will be able to order meals at a Chinese restaurant and discuss their likes and dislikes.

Week 4: Hobbies

Your friends in China will want to know all about your favourite hobbies and what you like doing outside of school hours.

Week 5: Visiting a School

During the Virtual China Camp, students will be interacting with their peers live from their school in China. This week students will learn useful words and phrases that will enhance the virtual visit.

Week 6: Vocabulary Mastery

The challenges of Chinese vocab are an extremely important part of learning Mandarin.


The teacher’s flexibility helped me address speaking issues I have had for a long time, because classes were tailored to practice the grammar I most struggled with. I also really appreciated the teacher follow-up. If I raised a question one day, the teachers prepared an exercise for that question the next day.

Michael Kehoe

I had never learned Chinese before, but was able to quickly pick up the basics without feeling overwhelmed.

Finola Hackett

Each of my teachers first listened carefully to the description of my Chinese language background and then took that into account when developing supplementary materials...My teachers were always vigilant in improving my ability to express myself in Chinese.

David Purnell

The teachers were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They went the extra mile to incorporate material into the classes that were relevant to my interests and working life.

Michael Salmon

All the teachers truly cared that I enjoyed class and studied material I found useful and interesting. I learned more than I ever hoped for, and had fun the whole time.

Devon Dietrich

Online Mandarin Programme FAQS

For any further questions please contact TEP.

Who are True Education Partnerships?

True Education Partnerships are the most trusted provider of immersive education programmes.

True Education Partnerships has been building strong, lasting partnerships between the UK and China since 2011. We provide a range of Government-backed, tailored discovery and engagement programmes, including headteacher delegations and student exchanges, that help to encourage learning and unleash new opportunities.

Can I switch from the introduction to the full course?

Yes, this is possible but you will not be able to access this discounted rate. The price will vary depending on the delivery of the course.

Can I be refunded for my first lesson?

Yes if you are not satisfied with your first online Mandarin lesson, you are able to receive a full refund.

Why Learn Mandarin?

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