China Online Immersion

True Education Partnerships have designed a unique programme that enables students to become immersed in China’s rich and exciting culture, interact with Chinese peers and explore Chengdu’s famous landmarks – delivered LIVE to your classroom.

October 2022

2-Day Itinerary

Key Stage 2-4

Taking Immersive Experiences Online

Pioneering a bold and visionary approach to immersive learning, True Education Partnerships (TEP) has been delivering transformational education experiences since 2011.

We understand that the current obstacles for foreign travel have provided students with limited access to unique learning opportunities. As the future of education shifts to online learning, we have developed a pathway for online and immersive learning.

The China Online Immersion programme includes live sessions to explore China and interact with students, resources, webinars and lesson plans – all tailored to develop global citizenship in your school.

The live sessions offer a digital exploration of China using live, interactive and pre-recorded footage, tailored to enrich and stimulate student learning. Dependent on the selected itinerary, pupils are able to directly interact and engage with their student peers in China.

China’s ancient and modern history provides endless discoveries for camp participants. During this programme, students will participate in cultural activities and join virtual tours of Chengdu’s biggest landmarks – most famous for its giant pandas! Each itinerary has been carefully designed to create a pioneering multiplatform approach to online and offline learning and engagement.

Craft Activities

Peer Interaction

Cultural Workshops

Life-Changing Online Immersion

Who is the programme for?

This programme is currently tailored for students in KS2-4.

Price for one classroom of max. 30 students.

How Does It Work?

Delivered on Zoom, your students will be introduced to your TEP and Chinese host.

Our Chinese host will deliver the sessions and guide you through the below itinerary.

Each school is provided with a student and teacher handbook – along with the resource box (additional cost).

Following the immersion, you will be granted access to all sessions and recordings.

Benefits of the China Online Immersion programme:

  • Interact with Chinese peers in ‘live’ sessions
  • Experience first-hand what it’s like to be a student in China
  • Discover Chengdu’s ancient and modern history
  • Visit Chengdu’s Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
  • Develop global cultural capital skills to enhance future
  • A pioneering multiplatform approach of online and offline learning and engagement
  • Participate in traditional Chinese craft activities
  • Learn new skills in a variety of practical lessons
  • Add a global dimension to your school and classroom(s)
  • Widen your childrens’ understanding of a unique culture
  • Practice Mandarin language with native speakers
  • Increase global awareness
  • Dedicated host and guide
  • Not limited by distance or time

Chengdu 5-day Itinerary

Students will gain a deeper understanding of Chengdu’s long history, unique natural landscapes and modest city life. The capital of Sichuan Province has held onto its ancient roots despite becoming increasingly modern.

There’s no better place in the world to see giant pandas than at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Participants will gain exclusive access to the research base, learning about the species and the centre’s preservation efforts. Ending the week with live interaction will enable students to tune into the Chinese New Year celebrations in Chengdu.

Day 1: The First Impression of Chengdu

Students will be welcomed by their Chinese host and introduced to Chengdu’s ancient and modern history.

Chengdu holds some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes and wildlife. Let’s take a look at life in ancient and modern-day life in Chengdu from the heart of the city.

Situated at the city centre of Chengdu, the Hejiang Pavilion is the perfect place to appreciate the enchanting view of the Jinjiang River. Students can expect to explore Chengdu’s famous park, modern developments and relaxed city life.

  • Museum Visit
  • Downtown Tour
  • Irrigation System
  • City Life
  • Park and Tea Culture

Activity: Rubbing Picture

Day 2: Giant Panda and KungFu Panda

Learn about China’s famous Giant Pandas and Chinese Martial Arts

  • Information session on Giant Pandas and their habitat
  • Visit Chengdu’s Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
  • Learn about Chinese Kungfu and its origins

Activities: Origami and Kung Fu Routine

Day 3: School Campus Tour and Sanxingdui Culture

Visit a local Chinese school and explore Sanxingdui culture

  • A virtual tour of a school in Chengdu
  • Learn about the school’s important philosophy and classroom values
  • Explore the ancient Sanxingdui culture

Activity: Bronze Mask Making

Day 4: LIVE Interaction with Chinese Peers

Interact with peers and experience life as a Chinese student

  • Live interaction with Chinese pupils
  • Tour of a local Chinese school
  • Discover the origins of Chinese calligraphy

Activity: Chinese Calligraphy

Day 5: Sichuan Food and Chinese Festivals

Explore traditional Sichuan food and Chinese festivals

  • Learn about the history of Sichuan food
  • Take a trip to the local street food markets
  • Discover the country’s most important festivals and how they are celebrated

Activity: Chinese Lantern

Supporting student workbooks are provided.

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Programme Testimonials

Hundreds of young people have already been a part of the China Online Immersion programme – your school could be next! Discover how our programme excites, empowers and inspires students.


A cultural capital-building experience beyond compare to become active global citizens.

Chris AnsellTeacher at Cheam Fields Primary Academy

A fantastic day with some wonderful Y5 & 6 children from our Trust, as they explored the culture, history, art & language of China on Day 1 of their virtual trip to Chengdu. Superbly organised.

Philip HedgerCEO of Leo Academy Trust

Thanks for another informative and inspiring day of learning. The children really enjoyed looking at the range of artefacts from the Sanxingdui museum and adding the information to the presentations they are making throughout the week.

Chris AnsellTeacher at Cheam Fields Primary Academy

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Programme FAQS

For any further questions please contact TEP.

Why choose True Education Partnerships?

True Education Partnerships are the most trusted provider of immersive education programmes.

True Education Partnerships has been building strong, lasting partnerships between the UK and China since 2011. We provide a range of Government-backed, tailored discovery and engagement programmes, including headteacher delegations and student exchanges, that help to encourage learning and unleash new opportunities.

How do I join the programme?

You can join the programme, here.

When will the programme take place?

The next date is:

October 18-22nd

Are there limited spaces?

Yes, spaces are limited so we recommend securing your slot as soon as possible.

May 2021: China Online Immersion

Hundreds of UK students participated in a week of online immersion delivered by TEP to discover China’s rich and exciting culture.

Last week 450 primary and secondary students in the UK began their virtual trip to Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province, as part of the China Online Immersion programme.

The week-long programme ran from Monday 24th May to Sunday 30th May 2021 and each school followed their chosen itinerary.

Leo Academy Trust, Birklands Primary and Mayfair Grammar were amongst some of the schools participating in the online immersion.

5,127 mi Virtual Trip to Chendgu

After much anticipation, our UK students were welcomed by our Chinese hosts to embark on their ‘five-thousand mile’ virtual trip to Chengdu.

Equipped with their resource packs, worksheets, and authentic materials, students enjoyed putting their findings to practice during an afternoon of traditional Chinese craft sessions. Each student learned how to sketch, paint and print Chinese architecture using traditional techniques and produced beautiful rubber paintings.

Leo Academy Trust already offers Mandarin across the trust as part of their Y5 and Y6 Mandarin Club. Philip Hedger, CEO of Leo Academy Trust said ‘A fantastic day with some wonderful Y5 & 6 children from our Trust, as they explored the culture, history, art & language of China on Day 1 of their virtual trip to Chengdu. Superbly organised.’

Project-Based Learning

Students were left feeling inspired after a virtual visit to the Sanxingdui Museum in Chengdu. Discovering the ‘Divine Tree’, ‘Standing Bronze Figure’, Gold Sceptre’, ‘Jade Zhang’ and ‘Stone Tiger’, were some of the many highlights that influenced the children to create their own projects.

These skills are a part of how the programme is designed to incorporate global thinking and independent learning.

Immersed in the Culture

The students were amazed by China’s many cultural customs and traditions and were excited to have a go for themselves. Each child worked with our Chinese teachers to master the art of Chinese calligraphy – an important part of the country’s artistic heritage.

Throughout the week the children learned about China and Chengdu’s exciting history and in particular the famous 3 Kingdoms Period.

To demonstrate their knowledge of Chinese culture, the pupils designed their very own Chinese dragons, made Bronze masks and Chinese knots and lanterns, and even tasted some traditional cuisine. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning about the famous Chengdu local street food and what makes it so unique.

Meeting Chinese Peers

A definite highlight of the week was the live interaction with 100 students in China. Our British students were fascinated by the size and scale of the Chinese schools as they tuned into their very own virtual tour of the school. They learned about the many differences between going to school in China and asked lots of questions.

Students in the UK were made to feel very welcome with special performances from their Chinese peers dedicated to their arrival.

During the ‘live’ sessions, our UK and Chinese students introduced themselves to one another as they got to know their favourite hobbies, aspirations, and daily life.

A Visit to the Chengdu Panda Centre

What better way to learn about China’s famous giant panda than a visit to Chengdu’s Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding! The children were amazed to see the giant pandas up-close and enjoyed learning about the species and its habitat.

Following an exciting morning, the students were busy making origami giant pandas – a technique that originated in medieval China.

Mastering the Art of Chinese Kong Fu

Chinese Kong Fu is an important part of traditional Chinese culture. The students listened to its historic influences and were taught the traditional techniques by our native hosts. Very quickly, the students had mastered the form of martial arts and showed off the moves they had learnt.

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