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Social School Awards

March Week Three 2020

Every week, we see so many inspiring posts from students, teachers and educational bloggers sharing their incredible work in classrooms and beyond. The Social School Awards are designed to recognise those making waves in teaching and learning, and celebrate their achievements.

Every Friday we will announce the winners for each of our five categories on @TrueEducation_P’s Twitter page. To be in with the chance of becoming one of our winners, use the hashtag #SchoolAwards in your posts!

Click an award to see the winner below…

Teacher of the Week Award

Teacher of the Week

Our Teacher of the Week category will showcase some of the most dedicated and inspiring educators across the social media community.

Whether it’s finding creative ways to inspire students or going out of their way to solve a problem, Teachers of the Week are resourceful, hard-working and generally passionate about teaching.

This week has been a challenging week for teachers to say the least, but we have admired the great work that they’re doing whilst also continuing to support one another on Twitter to share useful tips. We salute you all!

This week’s winner is…

Mrs Davies (@Katierosedavies), who amidst all off the chaos, has been promoting a peaceful and calm classroom for her students. This is a great way to support a child’s mental wellbeing during this difficult time. https://twitter.com/Katierosedavies/status/1240607632475525122

NQT of the week award Social School Awards

NQT of the Week

Our NQT category aims to recognise the excellent work of those at the initial stage of their teaching career. From going to great lengths to increase their own teaching knowledge, to networking with teachers and finding new and innovative ways to connect with pupils, NQTs of the Week find the perfect balance between learning and teaching.

This week’s winner is…

Miss Foster (@missfosterpe7), who has been sharing very useful resources for home PE workouts with her audience during this difficult time, sending copies to many grateful teachers.

EduBlog of the Week Social School Awards

Edublog of the Week

The Edublog of the Week category is designed to bring attention to some of the best educational bloggers that share experiences and expertise with the online teaching community.

From insider tips and tricks to offering unique insight on educational trends, our Edublogs of the Week will be helpful, friendly and fascinating.

This week’s winner is…

ThinkPix (@thinkpix_suze), who recently came to our attention when we read her blog on working memory – a must read for all teachers!

Global Class of the Week Award

Global Class of the Week

In an increasingly global world, it’s more essential that ever that young people are equipped to tackle the global issues facing us today, including climate change, poverty and inequality.

The Global Class of the Week award aims to recognise those engaging in valuable conversation around international issues within the classroom. Whether it’s participating in shared projects, learning about the Sustainable Development Goals, learning a language, or getting involved with the local community, a Global Class is one that takes an active interest in protecting the world we live in.

This week’s Class of the Week are…

Year 5 at Mayfield School, who have been learning some very topical and important translations in their Spanish lesson with their teacher Mr Currier.

This week’s runners up are…

A class at Beacon Primary School, who created a ‘Save the Earth’ poster that we were very impressed with. A great team effort that aims to get the students thinking about changes we can make to protect our planet.

School of the week award

School of the Week

Our School of the Week award aims to celebrate those schools finding new and exciting ways to encourage learning.

This could be through a school trip, engaging in a school-wide project, fundraising or pulling off a performance or event. It could even be something as simple as making changes to students’ learning environment to boost motivation and increase productivity.

This week’s school of the week is…

Woolacombe School, who have been doing a great job of keeping the spirits high during this difficult time. The staff and children enjoyed singing and dancing to the YMCA in the school playground, creating such a positive environment for everyone!

This week’s runners up in school of the week are…

The Ongar Academy, who wanted to allievate the anxiety and lift people’s spirits, with a joint performance of Macarena – amazing! https://twitter.com/TheOngarAcademy/status/1240568216637841408

St Mary’s RC Primary School, where students have been making cards to cheer up their eldery friends in the community during this difficult time – great work 6B! https://twitter.com/stmarysrcmidd/status/1240580333051019265

Egerton CP School, for Year Five’s heartfelt messages to their classmates. https://twitter.com/EgertonCPSchool/status/1240636094284279808

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