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Travel Operator

Location: Liverpool
Salary: £16-24k
Type: Full Time

Job Description:

About True Education Partnerships

This position is with True Education Partnerships, the UK’s leading provider in life-changing Sister School Partnerships, and student exchanges between UK and China schools. We have an exciting opportunity for a confident, world experienced candidate, that has a keen interest in improving global education. You will be supporting and driving growth in school partnerships throughout the UK. Connecting with key stakeholders in providing access to funding and to join our delegations, exchanges and all joint project programmes delivered between schools in the UK and China.

Skills required:

The successful candidate will be required to create UK and China-based travel itineraries to be sold as part of our school immersive education programmes. You will work directly under the Operations Manager to work with suppliers to design and organise program itineraries. You will initially book all the arrangements, find and set up tour guides, communicate with travel agents and with all stakeholders required in the successful setting up and running of international student exchanges & related programs.

The role will further require you to:

  • Book initial reservations
  • Secure low-level deposits
  • Create itineraries suitable to customer and programme requirements
  • Researching and sourcing ideal suppliers
  • Accurately recording data
  • Creating proposals for product delivery
  • Budget creation for upcoming projects/products
  • Efficiently process client visas through application processes
  • Travel the UK to oversee trips and accompany groups as needed

Skill sets:

  • High functional ability with IT, computers, platforms, social and mobile.
  • Organised with attention to high levels of detail in all aspects of work.
  • Able to deliver confident presentations.
  • You are accurate in written communications and recordings.
  • Capable of working independently to hit targets and KPI’s.
  • Able to work effectively in an international team environment.
  • Capable of working together as a team spanning departments.

Key Requirements

  • Must be Mandarin fluent and able to read and write in Chinese.
  • Has a valid working visa and/or permission to work in the UK
  • Has relevant experience in the Travel industry working in a similar role.
  • Can travel the UK and to China when needed.
  • Has a minimum of 2 years working within the travel industry (ideally tour operator or travel agent)

You will be office based in Liverpool but will also be required to travel in the UK to meet with partners or with hosting groups. During the probation period, you will be taught and trained on how to operate the programs you will be selling. Your knowledge of the product will be deepened along with an understanding of how to facilitate deeper and more satisfactory customer relationships.

Salary: £20,000 – 25,000 Per Annum + Bonus + OTE

Full Time: 37.5 hours per week / Monday – Friday

Experience: Travel Industry: 2 years (Required)

Language: Mandarin Chinese (Required)

Apply to this position

Please upload your CV in PDF format.

*if you would like to send your CV in an alternative format, please email to HR: shaheer@truepartnerships.com

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