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Global Student Engagement

In today’s interconnected and globalised world, students must develop the key skills, knowledge and values to succeed in modern global society and become globally aware citizens.

We believe that international collaborations, global school partnerships and peer-to-peer interactions are the most powerful ways to transform global education and prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

Establishing international links with a school in another country will introduce students to like-minded peers in diverse and multi-lingual environments, ultimately deepening their understanding of different perspectives, cultures, traditions, lifestyles and global issues.

Through real-time connections, meaningful partnerships, immersive experiences and cultural activities, students will become more rounded individuals who are equipped with the skill set to operate in an international marketplace in the 21st century.

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Cultural Enrichment,
Raising Aspirations


Establish a long-term, meaningful partnership with an international, including bilateral student exchanges, teacher delegations and school hosting.

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A project-based partnership through online collaborations and exchanges devised around common academic subjects and cross-cultural understanding.

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In a virtual classroom environment, students will meet with peers in a foreign country to learn about the culture, school life and local area.

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Explore China’s ancient history and traditions with a virtual trip to Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province, home to the Giant Pandas.

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Immerse your students in Spanish culture and languages during a virtual trip to visit the ancient city of Seville, situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

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Benefits of Global Student Engagement programmes

  • Develop skills to succeed in the global economy
  • Encourage cultural tolerance and highlights diversity
  • Break down any misconceptions or cultural barriers
  • Immersive education experiences that benefit the whole school community
  • Deepens understanding of different perspectives, cultures, traditions, lifestyles and global issues
  • Develops globally aware citizens and more rounded individuals
  • Exchange of pedagogy, knowledge, systems and expertise.
  • Makes your school more competitive and attractive to parents
  • Increases students’ confidence and social skills
  • Creates an enthusiasm for foreign language learning
  • Broadens your school’s international networks and access to new approaches to teaching and learning
  • Offers a unique professional development opportunity for staff
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Headteacher Testimonials

Thousands of young people have already been on a journey with us – you could be next! Discover how our programmes excite, empower and inspire those all around the world. We have numerous testimonials from schools, headteachers, parents and students.

This is one of the most exciting things I have been involved in since entering the teaching profession. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help our students understand and prepare for the global opportunities that await them after they have finished their education.

Mrs Cath GreenPrincipal at Ellesmere Port C of E College

Absolutely amazing. So many different things to experience. Our Chinese sister school is just fabulous! They’re so welcoming.

JACQUI WHITEMANSt. Phillips Westbrook

Without a doubt the highlight was the visit to our Sister School, the opportunity to experience the Chinese culture was hugely enriching for our students.

JO SIMPSONCarlton le Willows Academy

I would recommend this trip to other Headteachers because it gives you a first hand experience of education in another culture. This comes with a wealth of ideas for developing teaching and learning, as well as curriculum.

NICOLA CALEYAlderman White School

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Programme FAQs

How many programmes can I join?

Our range of Global Student Engagement programmes support every school’s needs, from long-term commitments to short-term experiences. As a school, you can enrol in any or all of the programmes listed, depending on the levels of impact you are hoping to achieve.

What is the cost associated with the programmes?

Prices start from £199 to £1250. We regularly advertise and support schools with funding opportunities, and the cost of joining the Sister School Partnerships programme is fully-reimbursed once students travel.

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How does a Sister School Partnership benefit my pupils?

  • Provides life changing, immersive experiences
  • Offers trips that will inspire, equip and support them to succeed in life and learning.
  • Gives students pride in their own culture by being ambassadors of the school and the UK
  • Increases personal awareness and confidence
  • Raises cultural awareness and highlighting diversity and similarities in lives around the world
  • Increases understanding on how interdependent countries and peoples are, both globally and locally
  • Gives exposure to varied opportunities that enable focus and clarity on their future potential
  • Results in life-long friendships.

Who are True Education Partnerships?

True Education Partnerships (TEP), part of True Partnerships Group Ltd, are leaders in international school partnerships, immersive cultural experiences and the official provider of the government-backed Sister School Partnerships programme. TEP has over a decade of experience in delivering transformational, life-changing programmes proven to inspire, build confidence and provide the tools for students to become globally aware citizens.

TEP deliver immersive student exchange trips, leadership delegations and CPD programmes, school partnership programmes, student interaction workshops and online immersion programmes.

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How can I speak to a member of staff?

Once you have filled in the form to register your interest, a member of the team will be in touch to share more information and arrange a call. If you require a call urgently, please send a meeting request to

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