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The Edupreneur Alliance unites business leaders from around the world under the common goal of global growth and prosperity. Through online collaboration and exchanges, members will learn from inspiring entrepreneurs who have conquered the most challenging markets to date.

The alliance is free to join for all organisations and entrepreneurs globally. Our free membership grants business leaders the opportunity to transform their global growth with access to a unique online community, purpose-built to develop your business expertise and accelerate future innovation.

Ultimately, members can contribute to and join conferences, develop online resources and case studies, and be the first to access market entry programmes through True Education Partnerships.

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Thomas Camilleri, CEO of True Partnerships Group Ltd, has over a decade of experience in building multi-million-pound businesses in China – the only country in the world to register positive growth this year.

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This unique opportunity gives businesses access to a global education market. Each month the Global School Alliance hold a Virtual Education Conference on the most important topics in education. The growing community represents over 1000 educators from 80+ countries globally - connecting all corners of the world. We have developed packages tailored to introduce businesses to global expansion opportunities.

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Our 'What's Exciting in Education' web series connects businesses with a global education market, with opportunities to increase your potential customer base. We are looking for 5 speakers to share new and exciting education initiatives with our growing community of more than 1000 schools. Speakers have the opportunity to deliver a 10-minute presentation to raise brand awareness to a global education audience. This is not a direct sales opportunity, but an opportunity to raise your company profile to be recognised as a valued provider and trusted entrepreneur.

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Do you want to grow your business into a growing market? A 60-minute consultation with CEO and Founder Thomas Camilleri will put your business in a strong position to enter the Chinese market. Thomas will personally analyse your business and its potential for market entry - outlining a clear roadmap into China.

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China's GDP Annual Growth
China's Export Growth
China's Import Growth
China’s projected share of world GDP at PPPs by 2050

China’s Rise in a Changing World

China’s growing economy offers huge opportunities for businesses and budding entrepreneurs to enter a growing market. The originally export-orientated powerhouse, has become more internally focused in recent decades as its developments shift towards delivering sustainable, green growth and innovative business models.

China, the largest country in the world by population, accounts for roughly 20 per cent of the world’s population, making it the second-highest purchasing power parity globally. For companies with overseas aspirations, China seems like the perfect destination for expansion. But its lengthy procedures make it difficult for many startups to enter the complex market.

Our upcoming programmes are designed to give businesses the winning formula for selling into China. Sign up today!

5 Reasons to do Business in China¹

1. An essential part of the global trade system
Whether it is buying or selling, China is one of the most important trading nations – it is the world’s largest exporter and the second-largest importer of merchandise.

2. One of the world’s largest digital economies
From artificial intelligence to cloud computing, China is now a leader in innovation. In 2018, for example, the Chinese spent USD41.51 trillion through mobile payment platforms – more than 28 times the amount spent five years ago.

3. An enormous market for consumer goods
There are 400 million young consumers in China. Not only is their spending power growing, they are increasingly interested in foreign brands.

4. Most attractive for inbound investment
China is one of the most attractive inbound investment destinations globally. If your strategy is aligned with China’s economic development, then the potential is incredible.

5. An economy in transition
The country is transitioning – from high-speed to high-quality growth, exports to consumption, heavy industry to services and high-tech – as it aims to add value and become a high-income country by 2030.

1 Deloitte, 2018

Source: Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio believes global markets are at a “very special moment,” with China on the rise and the relative power battles in the U.S., Bloomberg reported.

The billionaire founder and chairman of Bridgewater Associates said in a recent summit that this is because of “rapid development of the Chinese capital markets, the opening up of the markets to foreign investors, the relative attractiveness of them, and the underwightedness of global investors in them.”

Just over the past four decades its economic changes have been remarkable.

Ray Dalio

China’s economy and development is gaining momentum and has made the country more competitive as businesses look to diversify and enter the Chinese market – rebounding at a faster rate than the U.S. following impacts of the COVID-19 outbreaks.

Dalio’s perspective comes from an analysis of history and in-depth experience of working in the Chinese market. In his latest edition of the series ‘The Changing World Order’, the investor reviews the rises and declines of the Dutch, British, and American empires and the rise of the Chinese empire to bring us up to the present.

Who Are

True Education Partnerships?

True Education Partnerships has been building strong, lasting partnerships between the UK and China since 2011 (formerly Access China UK). We provide a range of Government-backed, tailored discovery and engagement programmes, including headteacher delegations and student exchanges, that help to encourage learning and unleash new opportunities.

We work closely with a number of British councils and The Chinese Ministry of Education to provide a range of government-backed immersive education experiences, including bilateral student exchanges, that unleash new opportunities.

The TRUE principles are what make our programmes and services different. We encourage all partnerships to work through our philosophy in order to thrive: Truth, Respect, Understanding and Equilibrium. A well-balanced bilateral alliance can generate truly remarkable results.

Our consistent commitment to these principles is the reason why over 96% of the partnerships we started when we first began are still going today.

T - True Education Partnerships

Understanding how to build trust in different cultures, how to see when that trust may become damaged and how to repair it if it is lost.

R - True Education Partnerships

Considering cultural insights as the key to bilateral partnerships, ensures that all relationships are built upon mutual respect.

U - True Education Partnerships

Providing the capacity to support in the reciprocal understanding of languages and cultures enables us to remove obstacles and create totally unique experiences.

E - True Education Partnerships

Keeping all of these moving parts balanced, constant and working together is what creates strong and lasting partnerships, and unleashes new opportunities.

Our new Sister School Partnerships with schools in Hangzhou are now an integral part of our curriculum at LEO Academy Trust. True Education Partnerships have brought learning to life through our work with our sister schools.

Philip HedgerCEO, Leo Academies Trust
Signing Ceremony

Our programmes make a substantial economic impact on communities and improve school profiles, which is why government entities partner with us in both the UK and China. An influx of international visitors stimulates growth in local businesses, we use local providers for: accommodation, travel, restaurants and tourist service providers. Chinese students who return to a region to study at universities following their UK student exchange experience bring further economic boosts through the purchase of goods and services throughout their UK tenure.

We support Sister City Partnerships like Liverpool-Shanghai — for which we championed the 20th anniversary celebrations — these links raise a region’s international awareness levels, driving business, tourism and its desirability levels as a destination for higher education studies.

Economic Impact

Wirral Case Study

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Leadership Delegations

To initiate a Sister School Partnership, senior leadership from the partnered school will meet with the Chinese school on a Leadership Delegation to sign an MOU and plan the partnership’s future plans.

It is an opportunity for the Headteacher to meet with counterparts from the school to form a relationship with an international partner. As part of the delegation, the Headteacher is accompanied by other education leaders to gain a further understanding of the country’s education system.

With the relationships built by Thomas Camilleri, the school leaders met by Chinese Ministry of Education officials and representatives from the Foreign Affairs Office. It is with this introduction and exchange that the matched schools are able to embark on their journey as a sister school and create a lasting partnership.

During the delegation, leaders are invited to join ceremonies and participate in gift exchanges – an important part of Chinese culture. Headteachers attend an Education Conference where they will give a small speech to introduce their school and ambition for the partnership. This event is usually celebrated and covered by the local news.

Sister School Partnerships

True Education Partnerships have been establishing Sister School Partnerships since 2011. The programme was initially started to create bilaterally beneficial links between UK and Chinese schools, but it set to be expanded with the introduction of the Global School Alliance.

The Sister School Partnership programme transcends the standard student exchange setup and establishes an on-going line of communication through teacher cooperation and student joint projects. Sister School Partnerships with TEP are created with government backing to create a school alliance between a UK school and a school in China. The programme consists of immersive student exchanges, pedagogy exchanges, participation in joint projects and curriculum enrichment. It’s a unique opportunity for schools to help students develop skills that allow them to succeed in education, work and society.

Sister School Partnerships are proven to have a positive effect on pupil awareness, attitudes and response. Significant effects are almost immediately noticeable in exchange students and hosting participants, with results for the wider school community being observed soon after partnerships are well-established and principles are embedded in whole-school policy.

“This is one of the most exciting things I have been involved in since entering the teaching profession."

Mrs Cath GreenPrincipal of Ellesmere Port C of E College

Our partnership with True Education has allowed us to run our own Mandarin Language for our Year 5 students. I have seen our children's enthusiasm and confidence flourish as they learn a new, unfamiliar language.

Sophie GunnerPrincipal of Cheam Common Junior Academy

Our Sister School Programme has given me the chance to practice my Mandarin with children from China. I love our weekly lessons with our friends from Brookfield Primary; we are all working hard to get even better at speaking Mandarin. Having a Sister School in China has also inspired us to enjoy a year of special activities at school. I love learning all about China.

JaydenY5 Pupil

Absolutely amazing. So many different things to experience. Our Chinese sister school is just fabulous! They're so welcoming.

Jacqui WhitemanHeadteacher of St. Philips Westbrook

Liverpool China Partnership

Thomas Camilleri’s work as a Director of the Liverpool China Partnership has strengthened the city’s relationship with the sister city and beyond.

The Liverpool China Partnership (LCP) was formed to expand, strengthen and deliver greater benefit from the Liverpool City Region and Isle of Man’s trade, investment, tourism, education, cultural, civic and other links with China. The LCP, which has around 30 members, was founded off the back of the International Festival for Business in 2014 and brings together the public, private and higher education sectors in the joint promotion of friendship and trade between China and the Liverpool city region.

As well as covering the city region the partnership also has members from the Isle of Man, Cheshire and Cumbria. It seeks to complement the activities of the Department for International Trade and the China Business Council.

Over the last four years, LCP has supported the City Region to advance civic, trade, investment, education and cultural links with Shanghai and other priority cities including Kunming, Tianjin, Qingdao and Xi’an.

The Partnership recently won the Department for International Trade award for its efforts in China and the outcomes of a five-day business, health and academic mission to Shanghai in April 2019 which resulted in £139m of deals for the Liverpool city region.

About Thomas Camilleri

Thomas Camilleri

Thomas Camilleri

CEO, Global Entrepreneur, China Business Expert.

Thomas Camilleri is the Founder and CEO of TRUE Partnerships Group Ltd, created to develop and grow successful partnerships in business, education and government. True Partnerships’ purpose is to establish global partnerships to achieve global goals.

True Education Partnerships has evolved in order to bring a totally life-changing experience to students around the world, following on from Thomas’ unforgettable time spent in China. His purpose is in unleashing creativity and moving humanity forward through his mission of empowering education with entrepreneurship globally. Having worked closely over the years with all government bodies, Thomas has established himself as an expert in the Chinese business world.

“I always had a passion and affinity for Asia. But it was a school trip to China in Year 9 that set my life on a new trajectory. Moving to China became a matter of when, not if, and I decided not to go to university in the UK, instead to teach and work with school and community groups nationwide.

It was through the partnerships I developed with local district councils in China that the principles of TRUE were created. They underpin everything we do to this day. True Partnerships is committed to realising the opportunities of globalisation in a way that recognises the importance of cultural understanding and empathy, knowing that lasting connections, and true partnerships, are all about people.”

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