Christmas is fast becoming a huge celebration in China and with it has come many cultural traditions and gifts.

Whether you have a Chinese friend and would like to give them a traditional gift this Christmas or are a lover of Chinese culture and would love to incorporate more of it within your home, these Chinese-style Christmas gifts are the perfect option.

1. Chinese Knot

Chinese knots are a form of traditional handicraft art in China. You may see them hung on the wall in Chinese family homes, or in grand official buildings.

Vivid and intricate, a Chinese knot hanging makes a beautiful souvenir and adds a stunning touch of the orient to your home. Smaller ones can also be purchased for your handbag or key chain.

Buy on Amazon: £22.80

2. Painted Chinese Chopsticks

No gift is better for the foodie lover than a beautiful set of authentic Chinese chopsticks. This lovely painted decorative set comes with five pairs and a neat display case, making it perfect for gifting.

These chopsticks will look fabulous on any dining table and are great for enjoying your favourite Chinese foods.

Buy on Amazon: £6.99

3. Flowering Tea Set

Chinese flowering tea is a delight to behold and taste. When brewed with hot water, the little bundles of tea leaves slowly unfurl and bloom, much like a blossom in the spring.

This wonderful flowering tea set from The Tea Makers of London is ideal for tea lovers everywhere. Simply unwrap the individual flowering tea bulbs, add hot water and enjoy watching them blossom in the elegant Zenshi glass teapot.

Buy from The Tea Makers: £29.95

4. Jadeite Bangle

Jade is seen as a symbol of wealth, health and protection in Chinese culture. Many women in China wear jade bangles and other jewellery because they believe it will protect them from negative physical and spiritual energies. Chinese grandparents often give jadeite bangles to newborns as an amulet, and the children may grow up wearing them.

There are lots of affordable jadeite bangles on the market which look elegant and beautiful.  As jade varies in shades and detailing, no two bangles will be the same. This high quality jade bangle from Etsy will add a timeless touch to any outfit.

Buy on Etsy: £15.90

5. Lucky White Cat

In China, cats represent prosperity, good fortune and protection. This adorable Maneki Neko Lucky White Cat statue will be look great on a shelf or coffee table, with a white matte glaze and a sprinkling of gold on the front.

Position the cat facing an entrance or window so he can attract good Feng Shui into your home. The cat’s raised paw beckons good fortune and good luck.

Buy on Gifts Of The Orient: £6.99

6. Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy is an ancient art practiced in China from a young age. This Manuscript Calligraphy Artist set is perfect for beginners looking to get into calligraphy for themselves, complete with 12 nibs, two penholders, and four bottles of ink in assorted colours.

The set comes beautifully presented in a lovely wooden box, making it great for giving as a gift to loved ones.

Buy on Amazon: £25.15

7. Bonsai Tree

Chinese Bonsai is the popular art of designing a miniature tree in a shallow container. Originally practiced only by the elite of ancient China, the miniature trees were viewed as luxuries.

Now, bonsai trees are enjoyed by everyone and make fabulous gifts, wherever you are in the world. This Bonsai Grow It kit has everything you need to grow a collection of real bonsais around your home – including coconut husk growing pots, compost discs, seeds and a booklet containing growing tips.

Buy on Prezzybox – £12.99

8. Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble tea is a fun sweet drink traditionally enjoyed in China, which is now available around the world too.

This cute bubble tea kit has everything you need to enjoy this famous treat in your own home, complete with two reusable cups, extra chunky straws, tapioca pearls and differently flavoured teas.

Buy on Amazon: £22.99

9. LEGO Shanghai Model Building Kit

Kids and adults will love putting together this model of the Shanghai skyline – all made from Lego pieces! It features iconic attractions such as the Bund, Oriental Pearl, the Chenghuang Miao Temple and the Shanghai Tower, with extraordinary attention to detail.

This set is ideal for those who have a love for Shanghai and looks most impressive when built.

Buy on Amazon: £47.95

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