What is Christmas in Guangzhou like?

Celebrated: December 25th
Location: Guangzhou

Christmas in Guangzhou is an event which is celebrated by local residents every year on December 25th. Chinese people tend to participate in the festivities and commercial aspects of the celebration, although the religious aspect is not widely acknowledged. Christmas is not a holiday in Mainland China, meaning most people will work on December 25th. In some cases, foreign embassies, consulates and Western companies have several days off to celebrate the holiday.

Do they celebrate Christmas in Guangzhou?

Yes, although a very small population of the province are Christian, Christmas is a recognised occasion in Guangzhou. It often seems that Christmastime is more popular than Spring Festival in Guangzhou, particularly amongst young people. The residents enjoy celebrating at Christmas parties, going shopping and eating Christmas dinners.

Guangzhou skyline

The Atmosphere of Christmas in Guangzhou

Many local citizens celebrate Christmas in Guangzhou by meeting up with friends and family, going shopping and visiting Christmas markets, instead of a religious celebration. Subsequently, the city is filled with a joyful and merry atmosphere throughout the festivities.

The large proportion of foreigners living in Guangzhou for business or study purposes have helped make the festival popular in the province. Guangzhou is the administrative capital of the Pear River Delta region, and the region exports more Christmas ornaments and gifts than any other region in China.

Shopping malls are filled with Christmas atmosphere too, with displays, decorations and events enjoyed by many during the festive period.

Things to Do During Christmas in Guangzhou

  1. Haizhu Christmas Markets

    The Christmas market in Guangzhou has everything you need to celebrate the season: trees, decorations, costumes and gift wrapping. It is a festive experience that many enjoy visiting during the holiday season. The stalls are filled with merchandise and huge Christmas trees. It is easily reached by the subway, and the surrounding area has other markets great for shopping.


  2. One Link Walk

    Located at the heart of the Tianhe District, One Link Walk is a multi-functional shopping mall, covering fashion clothes, trendy accessories, house appliances, beauty services, watches and jewellery, and fine dining. During the festive period One Link Walk host a variety of events each year to celebrate the season. Previously the famous cartoon image Zhang Xiaohe was invited to bring excitement to the children.


  3. TaiKoo Hui: Christmas Wonderland

    A 25-metre Christmas tree in the square at the HKRI Taikoo Hui retail mall has become a popular place for young people to take holiday photographs. The mall’s second and third floors have been decorated like a ‘fairy-tale’. Each year the mall adopts a different theme to celebrate the holiday season. This year’s décor includes a blue mouse as next year is the Year of the Rat in the traditional Chinese calendar.

  4. Yide Lu Wholesale Market

    Yide Lu wholesale market is the best place in Guangzhou to find all of your Christmas gifts. Yide Lu (一德路) is a congregation of wholesale markets selling Christmas trees, ornaments, decorations, food, toys and stationery.

  5. Yide Lu Wholesale Market

    Located in Guangzhou’s Liwan District, Lingnan Flower Market is the largest and most professional flower trade market, covering an area of 40,900 square metres. It is here that you can find some of the highest quality real Christmas trees this holiday season. The market also displays a variety of festive Christmas flowers to complement the tree.

Places To Eat in Guangzhou During Christmas

The best places to eat in Guangzhou during Christmas are generally the foreign luxury 5-star hotels. In 2019, the Four Seasons Hotel and Langham Place feature Christmas meals and festivities. In addition, you will find that many Western restaurants and bars will also offer Christmas meals, with reservations required.

Finally, large department stores, supermarkets and international chains are generally stocked with Christmas food and snacks. Some even have dedicated sections for festive food with imported products.

Dining at the Four Seasons Hotel


To celebrate Christmas in high style this year with family, friends and loved ones, enjoy feasting and extravagant sleepovers at the Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou. Embrace the season of love this Christmas with festive decorations around the hotel, a decadent Xmas tree and impeccable dining offers.

Starry Candlelight Dinner at Catch

Ring in the New Year with epicurean enchantments at Catch’s set dinner experience with a choice of gastronomic delights. Enjoy gourmet creations fit for the occasion with a champagne pairing for each course.

Festive Lavish Buffet at Caffe Mondo

Caffe Mondo offers a sumptuous selection of Italian cuisine, including fresh seafood, handcrafted pizza and pasta, authentic antipasto and free flow of sparkling wine, house wine, local beer, soft drinks, chilled juice, etc. This dining experience will take you on a gourmet journey to Italy.

Festive Afternoon Tea at The Atrium

The Atrium offers a gorgeous retreat to enjoy a deluxe festive afternoon tea. Bring friends together for a leisurely winter gathering with a 270-degree view of the Guangzhou skyline.

Christmas Shopping in Guangzhou

In Guangzhou, Christmas and New Year’s Day are predominately shopping days. Department stores, shops and restaurants are open as usual. Tourists in the area enjoy shopping in the Tinahe District. The district includes the scenery of the Pearl River and the brightly lit skyscrapers in the Zhujiang New City area.

Christmas Worship

Christians make up only a small population of China. However, churches in Guangzhou will recognise the meaning and origin of the holiday. As a result, churches often have choirs performing and activities on the December 24th and Mass on December 25th.

Guangzhou Church
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