Chinese New Year is an ancient celebration that goes back centuries. In 2020 it’s the Year of the Rat and here at True Education Partnerships (TEP) we’re excited to see what the new year might bring.

Liverpool is the official sister city to Shanghai and has a huge Chinese population of nearly 10,000. It only makes sense that the city will be a leading hub of excitement and activity when its residents will gather in the streets to celebrate this momentous time in the Chinese calendar.

In the lead-up to Chinese New Year in Liverpool this annual Spring festival, dozens of streets and iconic buildings will be adorned with beautiful Chinese lanterns, including Central Library, Cunard Building, Liverpool Town Hall, St George’s Hall, Toxteth Library, World Museum Liverpool, Open Eye Gallery, Everyman & Playhouse Theatres, Liverpool ONE and the Mersey Tunnels George’s Dock Building. Many of the buildings are also illuminated red, which signifies good fortune and joy to everyone.

Chinatown is decorated with colourful twinkly lights, while the famous Imperial Arch is lit up with vibrant ambient colours that shift hypnotically.

Our Chinese New Year event is always hugely popular and it’s wonderful to see thousands of people come together in celebration of our much-loved Chinese community.
“The day is set to be a real spectacle and I’m delighted so many organisations work together to help us programme the day, which really feels like the kick-start of our annual events programme.”

Councillor Wendy SimonDeputy Mayor and cabinet member for Culture Tourism and Events,
Liverpool Chinese New Year parade

Image courtesy of Liverpool Echo

What’s On During Chinese New Year in Liverpool?

The Chinese New Year celebrations in Liverpool will kick off on Sunday 26th January at 11am, with a range of street and stage performances across the city that blend traditional Chinese culture with aspects of the modern.

Expect aerial displays by the Black-e, family workshops, a fairground, firecracker displays and Dragon, Unicorn and Lion Dancer parades. There’ll also be a Chinese market on George Street selling gifts, souvenirs and delicious food.

All the events are either free or cost very little to take part. Look out for the lucky man who will be handing out red envelopes containing a surprise!

The Black-e, Nelson Street

11.30am to 11.40am – Movema Dance Youth & Community Group – Chinese Fusion

Great George Square (Chinatown)

11.30am to 12.15pm – Kwong Tam School of Tai Chi (in association with See Yep Association)

12.20pm to 1pm – Pagoda Arts – Flower Drums, Fan Tai Chi, Dance and Happy Dance!

1.05pm to 1.45pm – Firecracker Display – Lucky Man, Dragon and Unicorn Parades

1.45pm to 2pm – Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu Friendship Association – Martial Arts Demonstration

2pm to 2.20pm – Wah Sing Chinese Community Centre Dancers – Traditional Chinese Dance

2.20pm to 2.25pm – Friendship Dancers

2.25pm to 2.30pm – UK Phoenix Qipao Chinese Cultural & Art Association

2.35pm to 2.55pm – 24 Festival Drums, Liverpool Guild of Students

3pm to 3.10pm – Movema Dance

3.10pm to 3.15pm – Friendship Dancers – Chinese Fan Dance

3.15pm to 3.25pm – Wirral Chinese Association – Traditional Chinese Dance

3.25pm to 3.35pm – North East Wales Chinese Women’s Association – Traditional Chinese Dance

3.40pm to 4.30pm – Everyman Playhouse and Liverpool Confucius Institute – Showcase of traditional and contemporary music, dance and song by Chinese students.

Family Zone, Great George Square – 11:30 to 16:30

Adjacent to the Stage, the Family Zone will be animated throughout the afternoon with activities for all ages. There will also be storytelling sessions courtesy of the China Dream Stagecoach bus.

Street performances, around the Chinatown area:

12pm, 2pm and 4pm

Chinese New Year Liverpool parade

Image by Signatures Liverpool

Getting Home

Chinese New Year in Liverpool celebrations are scheduled to finish at 5pm. The trains, buses and roads will be very busy and usual timetables may differ, so make sure you plan your outward journey.

Stagecoach offers a Megarider option, which enables you to travel as often as you like, whenever you like in one week with a single ticket! Merseyrail also runs regular rail services to 68 stations across Merseyside with return tickets from just £2.20 – just use the Journey Planner tool on the Merseyrail website.

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