More than 40,000 students have been awarded funding as part of the new Turing Scheme.

The Department for Education has revealed the successful applicants to the scheme, granting a total of £96,215,682.85 to send students, learners and pupils on 40,032 life-changing education and training placements around the world.

The Turing Scheme was set up to replace the UK’s participation in Erasmus+, giving young people the opportunity to benefit from working and studying abroad, while boosting the country’s ties with international partners in the process.

A total of 114 schools were granted funding under the scheme and almost half (48%) of participants were identified as coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, said: “The chance to work and learn in a country far from home is a once in a lifetime opportunity – which broadens minds, sharpens skills and improves outcomes. But until now it has been an opportunity disproportionately enjoyed by those from the most privileged backgrounds.”

Vivienne Stern, Director, Universities UK International, added: “The Turing Scheme will create opportunities for thousands of students from all over the country to gain experience working and studying abroad. We know from the evidence we have collected that students who have such experience tend to do better academically and in employment outcomes – and that this is especially true for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Canada, Japan, China and France are amongst over 150 international destinations where UK students will be travelling to as part of the new student exchange programme.

Sister Schools Granted Funding

True Education Partnerships are delighted to confirm that 6 UK Sister Schools will visit their partnered school in China in Spring 2022.

Birklands Primary School, Mellers Primary School, Raeburn Primary School, St John Plessington Catholic College, Kenton High School and Leo Academy Trust (across four schools) are amongst the 114 schools that will receive funding under the scheme.

The schools will visit their sister schools in Ningbo, Taicang, Xi’an and Hangzhou to build on their partnership set up by TEP as part of the Sister School Partnerships programme.

True Education Partnerships have been establishing partnerships between British and Chinese schools since 2011. The partnerships consist of immersive student exchanges, pedagogy exchanges, participation in joint projects and curriculum enrichment.

Find out how TEP can support your school and its global partnerships, by booking a free consultation call here.

Chinese School Visa

Teachers! Become a Member of the Global School Alliance for free, here.

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