A St Bede’s student was recently awarded a scholarship from True Education Partnerships, which will enable her to embark on a fully funded trip to China to visit her sister school.

Josephine, who attends St Bede’s Catholic College in Bristol, was awarded the scholarship after meeting the selection criteria and showing impressive commitment to her studies in Mandarin.

Peter Goodman, Assistant Principal at St Bede’s, said: “Josephine has attended the Mandarin club here at St Bede’s faithfully in her own time since she was in Year 7. She is currently studying hard for her GCSE Mandarin, and maintains a keen interest in Chinese culture – including Chinese music and drama.”

Year 9 student Josephine would like to be a Palaeontologist, and has taken an interest in recent discoveries in this field in China, such as those found in the Gobi Desert.

Now, with the True Education Partnerships scholarship, she will join her friends on a life-changing trip to China to visit their sister school in Guangzhou, China.

On winning the scholarship, Josephine said: “I can’t believe it! I’ve been wanting to go to China since I can remember, and I’m so grateful. It feels like all the hard work has paid off.”

We congratulate Josephine on her amazing achievement and wish her the best of luck on her upcoming trip!

TEP scholarship programme

About the TEP scholarship

The scholarship is designed to make TEP’s Sister School Partnership programme inclusive and accessible to everybody.

We believe that all students, no matter their circumstances or background, should have the chance to engage in immersive educational experiences such as student exchanges, shared projects and incredible trips to China.

The scholarship is available to gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may otherwise not be able to experience a life-changing programme alongside their peers. Up to five students per region will be eligible.

To find out more about our Scholarship offering and how to apply, visit our Scholarships page.

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