Throughout the pandemic, sister schools in the UK and China have remained in close contact whilst they are unable to visit one another.

Xixian Gaoxin Middle School, located in Northwest China, have been busy designing posters for their friends at Lymm High School.

The messages have been sent in response to posters sent out by pupils at Lymm High School during May half-term.

Students at the school in Warrington told their peers how they have found lockdown in the UK and what they have been doing during the period of school closures. The British pupils were also encouraged to write their posters in Mandarin, to put their writing skills to the test with native speakers.

The pupils shared their excitement for when they are able to be reunited in the future.

Sister School Partnerships – UK and China

True Education Partnerships works to establish and maintain sister school partnerships between schools in the UK and China.

These partnerships allow schools to participate in immersive student exchanges, pedagogy exchanges, participation in joint projects and curriculum enrichment, helping students develop skills that allow them to succeed in education, work and society.

If you’re curious about setting up a partnership with a school in China, get in touch with us.

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