Nottingham, UK — 15.1.20

Rushcliffe Academy School in Nottingham is preparing to welcome Chinese students for an immersive hosting experience next week as part of True Education Partnership’s student exchange programme.

The students, which come from a number of high schools across Ningbo, China and are aged between 12-15, will spend a week at Rushcliffe Academy to gain a first-hand experience of life in a UK school. During their stay they will be invited to part-take in timetabled lessons and enjoy a range of sports and arts activities, which will allow them to learn more about British culture and develop new skills.

Hosting Chinese students and teachers

The week-long programme will begin Sunday 19th January, when the travelling students will embark on a 5,793 mile long trip to London, before heading to meet their host school in Nottingham. They will be accompanied by two teachers from across the schools, who will have the chance to exchange valuable teaching methods with their counterparts in the UK.

The week will begin with a welcome ceremony to establish the relationship between the two schools, an important part of Chinese culture. This usually involves a number of traditional dances, activities and the exchanging of gifts. As well as getting to see what life in a UK school is like, the students will also have the opportunity to make new friends via the Buddy System, which pairs each Chinese student with a student from the UK. This helps to break down any cultural barriers and enable the students to become more comfortable with one another. Before the visiting students depart, they will enjoy a closing ceremony organised by Rushcliffe Academy.

True Education Partnerships’ hosting programmes serve as an introduction to creating a Sister School Partnership. Research has shown that Chinese students find partnering with English native-speaking students incredibly helpful for developing their language skills, while UK students benefit from the opportunity to learn about another culture and be ambassadors for their school.

Hosting Chinese students has also been shown to have profound effects on the school community as a whole, leading to increased cultural awareness, increased confidence and fostering lasting friendships.

If you would like to know more about creating a partnership with a Chinese school, please contact us.

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