Students Prepare to Visit Their Sister Schools

October marks the departure of nine UK schools to China for a student exchange trip as part of TEP’s Sister School Partnership programme. The schools will act as UK ambassadors to strengthen links with their sister cities. Over 150 students will be accompanied by 24 teachers to visit their sister school in regions across the country. The Chinese schools hosting them are offering a life-changing immersive education experience. The participants from Nottingham, Wirral, Sunderland and Warrington have developed partnerships with schools in Ningbo, Taicang, Xi’an and Harbin with the backing of local councils.

UK Schools
  • The Mosslands School
  • Ravenbank Community Primary School
  • St Philip Westbrook C of E Primary School
  • The Fernwood School
  • The Joseph Whitaker School
  • Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology
  • Biddick Academy
  • St Mary’s Catholic College
  • St John Plessington Catholic College
Sister School Links

Nottingham schools will continue to develop their links with Ningbo, as the three schools will visit Ningbo No.2 Middle School, Ningbo Zhengshi Middle School and Ningbo Xingning Middle School. Likewise, Wirral have maintained their sister city links with Taicang for over 10 years, upholding active partnerships with Taicang Shaxi Experimental Middle School and Taicang No.2 Middle School. Sunderland have recently celebrated their 10-year partnership with Harbin to strengthen educational links. Biddick Academy will be visiting their sister school Harbin Xiaohong Middle School to represent the local community. Finally, Ravenbank Community Primary School and St Philip Westbrook will embark on their first trip to their sister schools in Xi’an.

Immersive Itineraries

A full timetable of lessons have been set by each school to allow the visitors to experience day-to-day life as a Chinese student. Highlights include: Chinese calligraphy, competitive sports, Chinese tea ceremonies, traditional Chinese painting and food technology classes. In addition, a variety of sightseeing opportunities have been included in the itinerary to allow students to be fully immersed in a different culture. Shanghai is the largest city in the world and a very popular choice to visit by our students. Consequently, the majority will visit The Museum of Natural History, The Bund, Yu Garden and Nantang Old Street, to name a few. Beijing holds some of China’s most iconic historical landmarks. Some of the schools have chosen to visit The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Silk Market, National Stadium and Qianmen Street.

Mosslands’ Visit

The Mosslands School are first to embark on their journey to visit their sister school in Taicang. Miss Beddall, who will accompany the students on the school’s visit to China, said: “I am looking forward to seeing the different lessons and what they do within the school. I think it’s going to be an excellent experience for our boys. I want to see the difference in cultures but also the similarities. We have had this relationship with our sister school for some time and I’m hoping that we can continue the relationship but also look at how we have the same values at heart, which is providing our children with a good education. I’m going to go there as an observer, it’ll be fascinating to see how they educate their children. It will be wonderful to observe the Taicang schools to see if they have any techniques that could help us over here.”

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