Senior Leaders Initiate Sister School Partnerships In Qingdao

Delemere Academy, Hawkley Hall High and Ellesmere Port C of E College have recently returned from a leadership delegation to Qingdao in China to initiate Sister School Partnerships. The delegates met their sister schools to observe teaching methods and sign an MOU with their counterparts. This visit marked the beginning of their partnership which will consist of bilateral student exchanges and joint projects in 2020 and beyond.

Teachers Sign Sister School Agreement

Dellemere Academy, Hawkley Hall High and Ellesmere Port have developed partnerships with schools on a recent leadership delegation to the seaside city of Qingdao. Firstly, the group arrived in Beijing to explore The Great Wall of China to enjoy some sightseeing as part of their itinerary. During the trip, the visitors exchanged teaching practices and experienced the Chinese culture first hand. Mrs Donnelly, a teacher from Ellesmere Port, particularly enjoyed teaching an English lesson to grade seven students at the sister school. The group shared some traditional British sweets with the Chinese students and participated in a cultural exchange. In addition, the delegates were able to take part in a music lesson before visiting Mount Laoshan. Afterwards, the group visited the exhibition centre of Mapping and Geography, along with sampling a tasty range of traditional Chinese food.

China Sister Schools
  • Qingdao Licang Experimental Middle School
  • Qingdao Middle School No. 31
  • Qingdao Xushuli Primary school

The Ellesmere Port C of E College

Mrs Donnelly was part of a group of three headteachers seeking to develop the school’s international links.

After returning from the delegation, Mrs Donnelly, said: “This experience of going to see how education is delivered in China has been phenomenal.

“What was so incredibly heartening is how warm and welcome I was made to feel. The staff and student in Qingdao are so keen to find out more about our school and how we learn. They are also just curious to know more about what it is like to grow-up in England.

“The friendship that we will look to develop between the two schools will open up so many doors for staff and students. It really is a fantastic opportunity.

She added: “This partnership means that there is a real opportunity for some of our students to get to know young people in a country thousands of miles away – they may even get to visit them!”

Mrs Cath Green, Principal at the College, commented: “This is one of the most exciting things I have been involved in since entering the teaching profession.

“All to often schools talk about broadening horizons and encouraging children to explore the world around them – but that exploration is limited to video and the written word. This partnership offers something very different. Not only will there be exchange trips, but there will also be interaction with children of their own age overseas on a regular basis through video conferencing.

“This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help our students understand and prepare for the global opportunities that await them after they have finished their education.”

This is one of the most exciting things I have been involved in since entering the teaching profession.

Mrs Cath GreenPrincipal at Ellesmere Port C of E College
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