Nottingham Schools Visit Their Sister Schools In Ningbo

For the last 15 years Nottingham City Council have developed their relationship with Ningbo in China. For instance, Nottingham became the first UK and Chinese city-to-city partnership to embark on a five year agreement to develop closer trade, civic, cultural and educational ties. The Fernwood School, The Joseph Whitaker School and The Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology Academy (NUAST) supported the international link through the True Education Partnerships Sister School Partnership programme. The Joseph Whitaker School and NUAST were formed close bonds with their Chinese counterparts after hosting their sister schools in July. Consequently, a group of 83 students and 11 teachers embarked on a 5,758 mile trip to their Ningbo sister city for an immersive education experience.

The Fernwood School

The Fernwood School have developed their Sister School Partnership with Ningbo No.2 Middle School as the first group of students travelled to Ningbo. The Fernwood School and Ningbo No.2 High School became sister schools in October 2017 following the signing of the sister school memorandum of understanding. Students have the opportunity to attend workshops delivered by Nottingham Confucius Institute to practise their Mandarin and establish the initial cultural awareness before the trip.

The exchange students spent three days with their sister school to be fully immersed in the education system. During the visit the group experienced timetabled lessons with their buddies. In addition, Fernwood explored the local sights of Ningbo led by their sister school. The itinerary included sightseeing at the Ningbo Museum, Tiantong Temple, Drum Tower and the Tianyi Pavilion.

After that, the school visited some of Shanghai’s most iconic landmarks including: The Museum of Natural History, Yuyan, Nantang Old Street and The Bund.

Ningbo No.2 Middle School
The Joseph Whitaker School

Ningbo Zhengshi Middle School welcomed The Joseph Whitaker School with a spectacular welcome ceremony. A total of 44 students visited the seaside city to continue their efforts to develop the partnership between the two schools.

Upon arrival the students were met by their buddies and were greeted with a spectacular welcome ceremony. The visitors enjoyed shadowing their friends at Mathematics, English, History, PE, Science and Art classes. In addition, the group were taught traditional Chinese dances and exercises during morning break. The students showed their competitive side during an exciting basketball match put on by the hosts. Similarly, Ningbo Zhengshi Middle School taught their friends traditional Chinese martial arts to give the visitors an insight into the cultural practices.

Yuyuan, The Shanghai Museum, Xintiandi, The Bund and Zhujiajiao were some of the students’ main sightseeing highlights in Shanghai. To experience the culture in the local area, Ningbo Zhengshi Middle School gave the group a tour around the local area to see Dongqian Lake, Mashan Weland and the Ningbo Museum.

Ningbo Zhengshi Middle School

Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology were reunited with their friends at Ningbo Xingning Middle School. The school hosted their sister school in July to develop the partnership between the two schools.

The immersive visit to the sister school gave students a taster of day-to-day life as a student in China. During the visit NUAST were given an introduction to Calligraphy from their buddies. It is a tradition that is rooted in China through centuries of practice.

Along with seeing spectacular sights in Shanghai, the group enjoyed exploring the local surroundings of their sister city. In addition, Ningbo Xingning Middle School gave their visitors a unique opportunity to have a campus tour at Ningbo University and Liangnong Middle School. Similarly, the group explored the local sights of Drum Tower, Nan Tan Old Way.

Ningbo Xingning Middle School
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