TEP to help Liverpool develop sister schools in Kunming

Liverpool Government officials are embarking on a delegation visit to Kunming this month to strengthen the friendship between the two cities.

With the support of education programme provider True Education Partnerships (TEP), it is hoped the visit will reignite the relationship between Liverpool and Kunming by initiating Sister School Partnerships.

Vice Mayor of Liverpool Gary Millar initiated the partnership in 2016, when the city signed a Friendship Partnership Agreement with Kunming in order to build on existing ties and work together to create a positive, mutually beneficial relationship.

The agreement came off the back of talks between Vice Mayor of Kunming Municipal Government and Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson in Chengdu in September 2015.

At the time of the agreement, Councillor Millar said: “This relationship creates a very positive platform from which we can deepen our connection with Kunming and explore how our two cities can mutually benefit each other on a cultural, economic and creative level.”

Since then, the two cities have supported one another through a series of bilateral friendship visits, including 2016’s International Festival for Business and the launch of the LFC International Academy in 2018.

The current December delegation visit to Kunming aims to create stronger ties with the city and open the door for more schools to take part in exciting student exchange programmes. TEP School Account Manager Joyce Li is among the delegates to help establish school links and lay the foundation for potential sister school partnerships.

Through these connections, True Education Partnerships will facilitate immersive school partnership programmes, enabling schools in Liverpool to create friendships with schools in Kunming and Qingdao, engaging in school visits, student hosting and joint projects.

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