Liverpool China Partnership has announced a new board of directors and outlined its strategic objectives for the next 18 months.

Liverpool China Partnership is a pioneering membership organisation that facilitates purpose-driven relationships between China and the UK for civic and business people and partnerships, opening up doors of opportunities for its members.

Chaired by Liverpool-based business leader, Paul Kallee-Grover MBE, the new board is made up of directors and representatives from across academia and the private and public sectors. Former deputy mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar, has also been appointed as the new president of the partnership. Together, the board will implement a renewed drive to maximise outbound activity to China from the Liverpool City Region, education providers and existing membership, participate and maximise inbound opportunities, for example tour operators and overseas students, maximise the potential for incoming Chinese investment, and a drive to attract new members.

Paul Kallee-Grover MBE, chair of Liverpool China Partnership, said:

“Our new board of directors is made up of the very best in their respective fields, and bring with them a fresh outlook that will help us grow the organisation over the coming years, both in terms of our membership and our influence on government policy on a regional, national and international stage. I also think the timing is pertinent with the need for an organisation like Liverpool China Partnership being greater than ever. We will support our members in seizing the opportunities presented by Liverpool City Region’s new Freeport status, help them navigate the ongoing challenges to international trade as a result of Brexit and the pandemic, and inform them of the global work being done to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Liverpool China Partnership has done some incredible work in its short lifespan, certainly in the fantastic partnerships it has helped to create between our city’s universities and those in China. It is now about consolidating our position in the city region and celebrating these successes, but importantly, strengthening these relationships further and pursuing new opportunities for our members.”

Thomas Camilleri, CEO and Founder of True Partnerships Group, said:

“Liverpool China Partnership has been one of the flagship organisations for connecting UK business with China. It had always been the plan for us to join and participate True Partnership Group’s growth in China. Now as a Director, it’s great to be able to contribute, lead and develop the group’s opportunities and networks throughout China.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is looking to network and connect with other experts to share experiences and access opportunities.

I am excited to see and support the growth of LCP for years to come and would recommend joining us for any organisation that is serious about the adventure that is growing businesses in China.”

The new board of directors is as follows:

Chair – Paul Kallee-Grover MBE, Group Planning Director at the Leith Group
President – Gary Millar
Thomas Camilleri, CEO and Founder at True Partnerships Group
Mi Tang, Head of China Affairs at Liverpool City Council
Julia Wang, Deputy Director of International Relations at Liverpool John Moores University
Dr Xiaofeng Wu, International Partnerships Manager (East Asian) at University of Liverpool
James Wood, Marketing Campaign Manager at Marketing Liverpool
Maggie Zhang, China Affairs Co-Ordinator at Liverpool City Council

For more information, visit the Liverpool China Partnership website, and on social media on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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