TEP Lead Delegation Between Hefei & Derbyshire Schools


DERBYSHIRE, UK — This week, True Education Partnerships (TEP) organised a Chinese delegation’s visit to Derbyshire in the UK. The delegation consisted of several Chinese Headteachers and the Director of the Chinese Education Bureau for Hefei. As part of the visit, the delegates had campus tours at schools in Derbyshire and signed MOU’s to initiate their formal introduction to the Sister School Partnership programme. TEP have been working closely with Derby City Council to support their Sister City Partnership with Hefei.

The Vice Principal of Hefei Wang Hu Primary School and his accompanying Principals visited their sister school Dovedale Primary School to strengthen the partnership between the two schools. Dovedale hosted their sister school in July 2019 and are set to be reunited in Hefei in March 2020.

Afterwards, the Principal of Hefei No.7 Middle School visited Landau Forte College to initiate a Sister School Partnership. The partnered schools’ MOU signing and gift exchange joyfully marked the start of a relationship. In addition, the group of visitors enjoyed a tour around the school and an observation of British teaching practices.

For the final school visit of the day, the Hefei visitors arrived at West Park Academy to observe the beginning of a Sister School Partnership with Hefei No.50 Middle School in an MOU signing ceremony. The new international education links between Hefei and Derby will provide life-changing opportunities for students and develop long-lasting communication and cooperation between the two cities.

Derby City Council Leader, Chris Poulter, met with the Director of the Chinese Education Bureau (CEB), Hefei Headteachers and representatives from TEP at a council conference. The meeting agenda included an introduction from TEP, a speech from the Director of the CEB, a discussion of the partnership and a gift exchange.

The delegation ended with a visit to four further Derbyshire schools. Cavendish Close Primary School and Shardlow Primary School, part of the Willow Academy Trust, welcomed their sister schools visitors ahead of student exchange visits in March 2020. Derby Moor Academy continued to develop the school’s links with Hefei No.17 Middle School after signing a new MOU. Meanwhile, both Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and Tibshelf School have initiated their Sister School Partnerships with schools in Hefei as a result of the delegation.

Hefei Wang Hu PS Visit Dovedale PS and Hefei Tunxilu PS Visit Shardlow PS
Hefei No.7 MS Visit Landau Forte College
Hefei No.50 MS Visit West Park Academy
Hefei No.10 MS Visit Tibshelf School
Hefei No.17 MS Visit Derby Moor Academy
Hefei No.168 MS Visit Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School
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