A Chinese school headteacher has sent a warming letter to her UK sister school, sharing an update on the recent virus outbreak. The letter comes after the school received a heartfelt message from their sister school in the UK, which expressed their concerns and well wishes for members of their Chinese sister school and all who had been affected by the recent events.

The response letter, written by the headteacher of Yi Fu Primary School in Harbin, China, said they were ‘glad to receive greetings from the other side of the ocean’ and that their wishes had been passed on to all of the faculty, members and students.

She then went on to give a current update on the outbreak situation in Harbin, which overall sounded controlled and positive.

“The epidemic in Harbin, where we live, has been effectively controlled,” the letter reads.

“Up to now, there have been no new confirmed cases for 9 consecutive days. Happily, none of our nearly 900 faculty members and students have been infected so far.”

The letter also went on to reveal that many of the parents at Yi Fu Primary are actually medical workers, ‘fighting in the front line’ of epidemic prevention. 24 parents had even taken the initiative to participate in the medical team to support Wuhan – a decision that moved not only the teachers at Yi Fu, but also taught their children ‘a lesson about love’.

Yi Fu headteacher eventually went on to comment on the profound connection between the Harbin primary school and their UK sister school in Sunderland.

“Our two schools are located in different countries, with different beliefs, but the pursuit and understanding of love are the same,” she wrote.

“This epidemic brought us pain and inconvenience; however we have learned to cherish and love, which we believe is the best education for our students.

“Today, because of the fact that we can’t leave home in this situation, our teachers and students started their first day of online study and it really works well.

“Our teachers and students will continue to keep an optimistic attitude towards study and life. Finally, I wish you all the best in Sunderland.”

Sunderland & Harbin Sister City Partnership

Sunderland was linked with Harbin in 2009, after the two cities signed a friendship agreement through the British Council.

Letter sent from Yi Fu Primary School in Harbin to UK sister school.

Soon later, schools in Sunderland were given the opportunity to participate in an international exchange, leading to some schools forging a sister school partnership with schools in Harbin through True Education Partnerships.

These partnerships enable both cities to benefit from cultural exchange and cooperation, leading to enhanced cultural awareness among young people and encouraging them to play their part in today’s global economy.

Sister School Partnerships – UK and China

True Education Partnerships works to establish and maintain sister school partnerships between schools in the UK and China.

These partnerships allow schools to participate in immersive student exchanges, pedagogy exchanges, participation in joint projects and curriculum enrichment, helping students develop skills that allow them to succeed in education, work and society.

If you’re curious about setting up a partnership with a school in China, get in touch with us.

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