True Education Partnerships is pleased to award a scholarship place to Cheam Fields Primary Academy student Brianna, giving her the opportunity to embark on a fully funded trip to China.

True Education Partnerships scholarship award

Brianna, Year 6, was awarded the scholarship last week in a special presentation ceremony with her fellow students. Leo Academy Trust CEO Philip Hedger was there to present the award, along with headteacher Helen Shaw.

Now, through the True Education Partnerships scholarship programme, Brianna will be able to join her fellow students on an fully immersive, life-changing trip to China in Autumn 2020.

Helen Shaw, Headteacher of Cheam Fields Academy said: “The True Education Partnerships Sister School Programme has created a real buzz across our school. Many Year 4 and Year 5 children now learn Mandarin; we have our own sister school in Hangzhou and have developed a programme of Chinese cultural activities for our whole school to enjoy in 2020.”

Cheam Fields Primary in Sutton, South London, established a sister school partnership with WenXin Primary in Hangzhou in 2019. The school enjoyed an amazing hosting experience in July, during which students were able to meet and learn with students from Wentao Primary School, Hangzhou and show them what life is like in a UK primary school.

The school also now runs a regular Mandarin club, taught with the help of Skype video lessons from their My Chinese Tutor teacher.

The upcoming trip to China will enable Cheam Fields students to explore a whole new culture, while engaging in authentic Chinese lessons and making new friends.

About the TEP Scholarship

True Education Partnerships’ scholarship programme is designed to make TEP’s Sister School Partnerships more inclusive and accessible to everybody.

We believe that all students, no matter their circumstances or background, should have the chance to engage in immersive educational experiences such as student exchanges, shared projects and incredible trips to China.

The scholarship is available to gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may otherwise not be able to experience a life-changing programme alongside their peers. Up to five students per region are eligible.

To find out more about our Scholarship offering and how to apply, visit our Scholarships page.

Sister school MoU

Cheam Fields Primary signed a Sister School Partnerships agreement with WenXin Primary in 2019.

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