Biddick Academy Visit Their Sister School In Harbin

A group of students and teachers from Biddick Academy have recently returned from a visit to their partnered school Harbin Xiaohong Middle School, backed by Sunderland City Council. Previously, Biddick Academy were part of a group of six headteachers from Sunderland on a leadership delegation to Harbin. After signing a Sister School Partnership agreement the school launched their student exchange trip for October 2019. Biddick’s itinerary included exciting sightseeing opportunities, as well as visiting some of Beijing’s most iconic landmarks.

Biddick Academy

Biddick Academy attended a full-timetable of lessons at Harbin Xiaohong Middle School. The three-day visit enabled students to experience local student life and take part in an exciting programme of events organised by the Chinese school. Biddick arrived in Beijing ahead of their sister school visit to explore the National Stadium and Water Cube. After taking in the sights the group took the high speed train to their sister city of Harbin.

During the welcome ceremony both schools exchanges speeches to introduce one another. After that, the group were immersed into classroom activities with their buddies. Participating in the morning excercise at the school was one of the highlights for the visitors.

One of the particular highlights for the students was participating in the morning exercise with their friends at the partnered school. The group said farewell to their friends at Harbin Xiaohong Middle School during the spectacular closing ceremony. Students and teachers exchanged gifts to mark the special visit, an important aspect of Chinese culture.

Beijing was the final destination for two days sightseeing before heading home to the UK. The students enjoyed taking in the history of Tienanmen Sqaure, Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China.

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Taking in the history of Tiananmen Square #massive

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Shopping and scorpion eating in Harbin #stinginthetale

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Sunderland City Council Strengthen Links With Harbin

Sunderland City Council have been developing their links with Harbin in China since the signing of the Friendship Agreement between Sunderland and Harbin in May 2009. True Education Partnerships have strengthened the links with Harbin through the Sister School Partnership Programme. The council recognised the programme’s ability to enable both cities to develop exchange and cooperation programmes between partner schools. Over the last decade the partnered cities have developed strong educational, cultural and business links between the two communities.

Leader of Sunderland City Council, Councillor Graeme Miller said: “We are keen to help build on our close international relationship with Harbin, and are delighted the schools now have plans to conduct full student exchanges in 2019 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Friendship Agreement. These links will provide fantastic opportunities for students from different sides of the world to connect with each other, to experience another culture and make new friends.”

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