Chinese Students Hosted by UK Sister Schools

Throughout July over 1000 students from 34 Chinese schools arrived in the UK to visit schools across the country, as part of a global student exchange programme organised by True Education Partnerships (TEP) with the backing of local councils.

Upon arrival, the groups were made to feel very welcome at hosting schools as they were greeted with welcome ceremonies and campus tours. During the visit, students learned about British culture and developed their language skills when ‘buddied’ with a UK pupil who speaks English natively. The Chinese school’s immersive learning experience was further enhanced by taking part in English and Maths lessons with a UK teacher. Our international visitors also enjoyed exploring historical sites and universities in local communities.

UK Education System Ambassadors

The schools who acted as ambassadors for the UK education system were: Rushcliffe School of the Spencer Academies Trust, All Saints Primary, NUAST, Alderman White of the White Hills Park Trust, Manorfield Primary, Hurlingham School, Hayden Primary School of the Nottingham Schools Trust, Hogarth and Sycamore Academy of L.E.A.D Academy Trust, Carlton le Williows of the Greater Nottingham Education Trust, Robin Hood Primary School, Dovedale Primary School of the Willows Academy Trust, Cavendish Close Academy of the Harmony Trust, Bidston Avenue Primary School,  St John Bosco Arts College, Cheam Common Junior Academy, Cheam Park Farm Academy, Burton on The Wolds Primary School, Welbeck Primary School, Ravenswood Primary School, West Jesmond Primary School of the Ouseburn Learning Trust, St John Plessington College, St Mary’s Catholic College, The Mosslands School, St Anselm’s College, Upton Hall School, St George’s Primary School, Thorton Hough Primary School, Townfield Primary School, Sandymoor School, St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School,  Sefton Park Primary School, Hanham Woods Academy, Hans Price City Academy, Haywood Village Academy, Alderman White School, The Joseph Whitaker School, Toot Hill School, Holy Family Catholic School, Bluecoat Beechdale Academy and Chellaston Academy.

Map of Chinese Sister Schools

Hover over an item on the map to view the schools in that area that visited their partnered UK school this July.

Hefei Nanmen & Hongxinglu Primary School
Wuhan Guanggu No.1, No.2 & No.15 Primary School
Qingdao Xushuilu Primary School
Qingdao Shuyuanlu Primary School
Qingdao Wencheng Primary School
Taicang No.1 & No.2 Middle School
Taicang Experimental Primary School
Taicang Shaxi & Taicang Experimental Middle School
Taicang Ludu Middle School
Taicang Jingmao & Steven Chu Primary School
Taicang Kejiao Xincheng Primary School
Wenzhou No.2 Experimental Middle School & Foreign Language School
Wenzhou Nanpu Experimental Middle School
Sichuan Longquan Yiqu No.1 Primary School
Golden Bridge Cuiyuan No.2 Primary School
Guangzhou Science City Middle School
Guangzhou Yuyan Middle School
Guangzhou Liyuan Primary School
Guangzhou Donghuihuayuan Primary School
Ningbo Foreign Language School
Ningbo Xingning & Yinzhong Middle School
Ningbo Jiangshan & Zhengshi Middle School
Ningbo Cixi No.3 & Cixi Andong Middle School
Ningbo Lanqing Middle School
Ningbo Jiangdong Central Middle School
Ningbo Xingzhi

Experiencing British Culture

In Cheshire, Rudheath Senior School and Grosvenor Park Academy hosted tea parties for their visitors to try British delicacies – which the students loved! Meanwhile in Nottinghamshire, Alderman White School helped students immerse in English culture through culinary lessons to discover traditional British recipes. Students expressed their common interest of sport at Carlton le Willows Academy who hosted an international basketball match, whilst cricket matches took place at Rushcliffe School and Sandymoor School. Exchange students visiting Cheam Common Junior and All Saints Primary School enjoyed tours of local football stadiums Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC.

In addition, the Chinese visitors were immersed into a full timetable of lessons to experience day-to-day life at their sister school. Participating in English, Mathematics, Science, Food Technology and Physical Education has vastly improved their development of learning.  For the UK students studying Mandarin it was a great opportunity to practice with native speakers. Subsequently, students have created long-lasting friendships with their buddies who keep in contact through joint projects between the schools.

It was a great opportunity for the Chinese students to visit educational buildings and iconic landmarks in the UK. Trips to the campus of Cambridge University aspired future higher education opportunities available to the international students. Cixi No.3 Experimental Primary School visited The University of Nottingham’s Confucius Institute before visiting their sister school to further strengthen the city’s links with Ningbo in China, in partnership with TEP, Nottingham City Council and Ningbo Educational Bureau.

What did the teachers think?

As for the teachers, it was an incredible opportunity to exchange educational practices and resources with their Chinese counterparts.

Sandymoor Assistant Principle, Julie Sutcliffe, said, “It’s amazing how it enriches experiences of the learning journey that your students go on. It’s much more than academic, it changes their mindset and outlook on life It opens up future career paths for them. I would say offer it to as many students as you can because it’s brilliant.”

Harmony Trust Chief Executive, Antony Hughes, commented, “It is a privilege to welcome and host the pupils from China. We hope that they have a wonderful stay and enjoy the experience. Our pupils were overwhelmed by the support and kindness offered to them when they went to China and we hope we can provide the same and that they go back with some wonderful stories and memories.”

Feedback received after the visits demonstrates the success of the programme. 95% of respondents wish to host again and 80% have been inspired to visit China in 2020 to help create long-lasting partnerships with their sister schools. This October, 9 UK schools will be travelling to regions across China to visit their sister schools, these schools are: The Fernwood School, The Joseph Whitaker School, The Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology, The Mosslands School, St Mary’s Catholic College, St John Plessington Catholic College, Ravenbank Primary School, St Philip Westbrook CE Aided Primary School and Biddick Academy.


Julie SutcliffeAssistant Principal at Sandymoor School

Respondents who wish to host again


Respondents who have been inspired to visit China in 2020

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