Study Found UK Citizens Want To Adopt Chinese Christmas Tradition

China’s custom of eating an apple on Christmas Eve is among the festive traditions British nationals would like to adopt, a recent study found.

The study, commissioned by Air China, polled 2,000 adults in the UK on their thoughts about Christmas and travel. It found that out of all of China’s festive traditions, British nationals were most intrigued by the idea of gifting an apple to loved ones.

Gifting apples on Christmas Eve has become a popular tradition in China over the past few years. The increase in popularity over the last decade has led to a dramatic price increase every December 24.

The apples are usually presented in boxes or colour paper, often with Christmas messages printed on their skin.

The tradition of the Christmas Eve gift is rooted in homophones. In Mandarin, ‘Christmas Eve’ translates to Ping’anye (平安夜, the evening of peace), which also happens to sound a lot like the Chinese word for ‘apple’ or pingguo (苹果). Chinese people have now given a special name to these Christmas apples: ping’anguo (平安果), or ‘peace apples.’ Peace apples are supposed to show the receiver how much you care for them.

The study also found that 56 per cent of those polled have or would go abroad to celebrate Christmas and enjoy different festive traditions for the first time. In addition, half enjoy learning about different customs from around the world to further our understanding and appreciation of what Christmas is really about. Meanwhile 13 per cent revealed they look at how other countries celebrate the big day for inspiration.

A spokesman for Air China said: “Traditions are such a key part of what makes the festive period so magical and having the opportunity to travel abroad and experience them first hand is truly amazing.

“In addition to creating wonderful memories, seeing how other countries embrace Christmas can make us really appreciate what matters most this time of year.”

“This is further shown in how half of Brits enjoy learning about other cultures’ customs to inspire new practices too.”.

China is among the top countries polled respondents would like to visit over the festive period. The research specifically identified Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu as the top destinations to visit during the festive period.