Tuesday 24th August 2021 / 4:00 - 5-15 pm BST

Unlock the power of your team and customer relationships through great communication

New ways of working and employee expectations require new ways of communicating. It’s critical that we understand our own communication strengths (and blind spots) and those of our team and customers. But how do we identify these communication and behavioural preferences, quickly and easily, to unlock the power of our relationships? Find out at this month’s EPA conference.

How do you choose to communicate based on your audience, putting yourself in their shoes to achieve your business outcomes?

How do you demonstrate listening in a way that your audience will feel heard, and so you can respond, take action and ensure people feel valued?

How can you lead change and influence people, so people want to come on the journey with you?

You might also win a FREE Global School Alliance speaking opportunity! Last month Margarita Belorukova, BDM at Luden.io, was awarded a free place at August’s edition of the What’s Exciting in Education webinar.

Strengthening your team and customer relationships through great communication

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Guest Speakers

Karen Dempster

Karen Dempster is a highly experienced communicator, who is passionate about the power of relationships and communication in making a difference to future generations through a pupil’s experience of school. She co-founded Fit2Communicate with Justin Robbins in 2015, with the intention of helping schools to succeed through improving how they communicate. Karen and Justin have worked with many UK schools and have co-authored two books, supporting school leaders and the broader school community. Karen is also a Mum, a professional photographer and a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication.

Karen Dempster’s and Justin Robbins’ latest book (just out!) is called The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement: Empowering schools to connect better with parents and pupils. They share practical solutions relating to school–parent engagement and communication.

This ground-breaking book promotes parental engagement as a planned, sustained and integral part of a school’s approach to improving standards. An approach which starts with the school vision and positions parents and schools equally as fundamental to student learning.

Philip Blazdell

“Effective communication using transactional analysis”

Dr. Philip Blazdell BSc PhD CEng MIMMM is an experienced industrial engineer and entrepreneur who has worked in over sixty countries as an engineer, educator and consultant. He is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

Thomas Camilleri

Thomas Camilleri is the Founder and CEO of TRUE Partnerships Group Ltd, created to develop and grow successful partnerships in business, education and government.

True Education Partnerships has evolved in order to bring a totally life-changing experience to students around the world, following on from Thomas’ unforgettable time spent in China. His purpose is in unleashing creativity and moving humanity forward through his mission of empowering education with entrepreneurship globally. Having worked closely over the years with all government bodies, Thomas has established himself as an expert in the Chinese business world.

James Blomfield

James is Head of Education with True Education Partnerships and the Global School Alliance. As a former teacher and headteacher, he is committed to innovation in education. He has visited international schools in Australia, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and Romania.

He leads on the development of the new GSA platform, facilitating partnerships and connections between educators around the world as well as promoting the UN sustainable development goals and World Economic Forum’s Education 4.0 framework.

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