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True Education Partnerships are the most trusted provider of school partnerships, student exchanges, leadership delegations, immersive education experiences and are the official provider of the Sister School Partnerships programme. We inspire young people and prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

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Immersive School Programmes

Transforming lives through immersive education partnerships.

Pioneering a bold and visionary approach to immersive learning, True Education Partnerships have been building strong, lasting sister school links between the UK and China since 2011. Since then, it has been expanded to the rest of the world to establish meaningful partnerships and life-changing experiences. We provide a range of immersive education programmes, including student exchanges, leadership delegations, school hosting and online immersive experiences. Our international, and often funded educational trips, offer a different approach to learning. Unlock incredible opportunities and life-changing experiences – these programmes are proven to inspire, build confidence and provide the tools for future success.

Do you want to establish partnerships?

Partner Programmes

Our Virtual School Partnerships and Sister School Partnerships programmes offer learning experiences that will inspire students for years to come. These partnerships will unlock skills, encourage personal development and prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

Do you want to connect students?

Student Workshops

Our Student Interaction Workshops are perfect for schools looking to enhance their language learning and raise cultural awareness. Students can connect with peers for a virtual exchange in China, UK, Spain or France.

Do you want to immersive students?

Online Immersion

Immerse your students in Chinese or Spanish culture and traditions during a ‘virtual trip’ to explore famous landmarks, visit peers at a local school and practice languages.

Global Connecting

In a digital world, our sister company the Global School Alliance supports the online connections of thousands of schools in all corners of the world. By combining online collaboration and immersive experiences, members can develop transformational international partnerships.

The alliance provides a platform for sharing of best practices, resources and opportunities to increase school improvement, teacher development and student transformation.

Schools on the Sister School Partnerships or Virtual Partnerships programme can take advantage of their dedicated space on the platform to host online meetings, joint projects and teacher-to-teacher communications.

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This is one of the most exciting things I have been involved in since entering the teaching profession. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help our students understand and prepare for the global opportunities that await them after they have finished their education.”

Mrs Cath GreenPrincipal at Ellesmere Port C of E College

Establishing a Sister School Partnership

Leadership Delegation

The Leadership Delegation is an official trip to initiate a Sister School Partnership. Your school’s Headteacher and members of the Senior Leadership Team, will meet with counterparts from your partner school school and often government officials.

Student Exchange Trip

Take your school on an unforgettable immersive experience. Our trips help students to harness their true potential. We arrange your travel, accommodation, visas, translators, food and sightseeing.

Host Partner School

Host your sister school in your school for a few days. Open up new opportunities for your entire school community, celebrate diversity and boost cultural capital.


True Education Partnerships provide the government-backed Sister School Partnership programme to schools that represent both local and national interests. We currently have 300+ active partnerships with councils, schools and organisations, delivering trusted international exchange programmes.

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Headteacher Testimonials

Thousands of young people have already been on a journey with us – you could be next! Discover how our programmes excite, empower and inspire those all around the world. We have numerous testimonials from schools, headteachers, parents and students.

Absolutely amazing. So many different things to experience. Our Chinese sister school is just fabulous! They’re so welcoming.

JACQUI WHITEMANSt. Phillips Westbrook

Without a doubt the highlight was the visit to our Sister School, the opportunity to experience the Chinese culture was hugely enriching for our students.

JO SIMPSONCarlton le Willows Academy

I would recommend this trip to other Headteachers because it gives you a first hand experience of education in another culture. This comes with a wealth of ideas for developing teaching and learning, as well as curriculum.

NICOLA CALEYAlderman White School